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Holochain is the next step in the evolution of blockchain towards Web 3.0 where the internet is returned to the hands of users, with infrastructures built on distributed peer-to-peer technologies.

Our meetup is for anyone interested in learning more about Holochain, distributed applications, open source, p2p, the commons, and the world made possible when people connect directly, including community organisers, software developers, entrepreneurs, academics, activists, systems thinkers and futurists.

We need help in both growing the community and the applications that are being built.

Let's take back the internet together!

(Please note this is not a cryptocurrency / trading group)

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Enabling the transition to a Circular Economy with Distributed Ledger Technology

This event is a collaboration between Holonic, the enkel collective and a mash-up of Holochain Perth and Circular Economy Perth (WA) meetups... *** Have you heard about the Circular Economy? It's starting to take off in Australia and across the globe. This Plastic Free July we're talking distributed ledger technology to accelerate the transition from 'linear' to 'circular'. The Circular Economy is emerging across Australia and now finally in our own backyard! It's a new framework for an economy where we design out waste, keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems. Led by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, it's driving innovation and positive economic development globally and will help to tackle wicked problems like climate change and scarcity of resources. The building blocks of a Circular Economy include: - Circular Economy design - New business models - Reverse cycles - Enablers and favourable systems conditions This event will include presentations and a panel discussion on the Circular Economy and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) - especially Holochain - followed by Q&A and networking. Come learn about these two exciting topics and find out what's happening in WA. Let's all be a part of creating a better, more circular future. ____________________________________________________________________ Presenters: # Andy Thomson, who holds a Circular Economy MBA, is a Systemic Designer and founder of Holonic. Andy is also a convenor for NENA (New Economy Network Australia). # Adam Jorlen, Futurist and Founder of the enkel collective and host of Holochain Perth meetup. Panellists: # Adam Johnson, Business Manager WA at Re.Group and WA State President of Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia. Adam is an advocate for the circular transition in the waste industry through systems thinking. He knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship and blockchain. # Abheeti Kathryn Pass, Co-Founder Crypto Clothesline Podcast, WhereToShopWithCrypto.com, Speaker/ Emcee-Blockchain, Women in Blockchain # Julia Buchholz, Co-founder & COO at TecStack. Julia has a rich history across blockchain, law and marketing. All proceeds from the event (after covering venue hire cost) will go towards the Plastic Free July Foundation - in the name of a world without plastic waste this month! ____________________________________________________________________ This event is brought to you by Holonic and enkel. Tickets here: https://events.humanitix.com.au/beyond-the-blocks-circular-economy-and-disbributed-ledger-technology Hope to see you there!

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