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Hi there,

When I first started my Human Design career, back in 2004, the only people who had heard of HD in Australia were me and a (very smart) dog out the back of the shed. I tried to start up an Australian community back then, but after a while I just went with the inevitable, and focused on the US and Europe.

Fast frame to 2021 and Human Design is going crazy in Australia. Which is very exciting for me! And I'm sure for you as well. I was planning to try again in 2020, but, well, covid. So here we are in 2021 and I am again making plans.

Whether you are a complete newcomer to Human Design, or someone who wants to learn more, you are welcome to join us in a mix of online and live community. Sign up here (https://kimgould.activehosted.com/f/17) to get some free resources I have created for you, and to be notified about all the events. I promise you will only get very occasional and relevant emails. Here's the link again: https://kimgould.activehosted.com/f/17 . You will get some great articles on Human Design and access to two free courses. And I'll be in touch about upcoming events!

See you soon!


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