What we're about

Hello hello French speaking families in the Inner West! This is a playgroup - get together kind of thing for our children to practice speaking French.

Activities will be organised such as art and craft, games at a park, or storytime... all in French of course.

PLEASE READ: This group is for you if :

• You have kids

• AND you or your partner's first language is French

• AND French is one of the languages spoken at home with the children on a daily basis

... And of course you are willing to speak French only at the meetups and encourage your children to do the same... (English-speaking partners, please do not be scared, there will be others like you, and just a tiny bit of an effort would be very much appreciated)

If it sounds like you, please join in!

SORRY THIS IS NOT A GROUP FOR YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN TO LEARN TO SPEAK FRENCH. In this group, we share the fact that we are expat and that we do not want our mother tongue and francophone culture to be lost.

Bonjour bonjour! Familles de l'Inner West de Sydney, unissons nos efforts pour que nos enfants continuent à parler français! Mettons-nous ensemble pour organiser de chouettes activités pour les petits et les plus grands et les encourager ainsi à parler francais entre eux... Nous organisons des activités style jeux au parc, bricolages et heure du conte... le tout uniquement en français!

Alors, rejoignez-nous, on vous attend....!

Past Events

L Heure Du Conte

The Grounds Cafe


Cafe Martini


Cafe Martini

L' Heur Du Conte

Cafe Martini

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