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As a coach and an Intuitive, I see the power of group gatherings, where ideas and inspirations can be shared, and supportive coaching can be received . I also love the momentum and energy from group meditation or healing circles. We cannot fully express our potentials or become our most brilliant self on our own, by ourselves, alone. It is with authentic connection and collaboration, we can achieve things that is beyond our imaginations. It may be about work & career, or relationships or physical well-being that we just need a bit of inspiration or support. That is the reason why I would like to hold an empowering coaching circle, for individuals to come together, to inspire true authentic success in all aspect of life. Meet-up will likely to be in the City area after work hours, where we can gather together for a centering & de-stress meditation, experience some coaching and discussion on various Body-Mind-Spirit topics over a cuppa and relaxing music.

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