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Free interview series Arts of Healing starts Monday 1st
FREE ONLINE Interview SERIES!! The Arts of Healing Series Starts Monday 1st! Hi Nice to connect again, I would love for you to travel a journey with me and Over 20 Amazing speakers. ( Maybe you’ve already seen an email about the upcoming interview series with Me, Cynthia Harrison “The Arts of Healing:Discover the Transformational Tools and Techniques for Greater Vitality and Ignite Your Soul Fire”. A Free series of conversations with experts in their diverse fields around the Arts they use to facilitate healing and transformation. How these techniques assist both the physical aspects and the spiritual connections. The series is about understanding the HOW. We are unlocking and bridging the tools from ancient wisdom to modern science, from touch to technology that help our state of evolution of our minds, our body’s and soul. A whole body approach to wellness and in turn the evolution of consciousness. You have the opportunity to tap into this amazing group of speakers knowledge and experience through this series. They have offered free, their tools and techniques so you can use them instantly. The experts chosen are from the fields of the social sciences, science (physics, medicine), the arts (movement, dance, music, painting, writers), and Metaphysics (mystics, energy healers). Wow and more! A great way to gather a vast amount of information on the many perspectives of not just health but the vitality that allows us to thrive. This provides you with the choice of tools to try for your particular style of moving through the world, your individual preferences. Amazing in itself, but affecting you and your family’s health and wellbeing is, well…absolutely priceless. Access this series at ( And let any like-minded friends get in on this too!). Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a global collective that inspires vitality, love and wellness, this is your opportunity to be part of that inspiration. We put our money where our mouth is and are giving our time and expert advice - FREE! Yes, for FREE! If you’re ready for a big shift, I invite you and your friends to: The Art of Healing: Discover the Transformational Tools and Techniques for Greater Vitality and Ignite Your Soul's Fire Would so love for you to be with me and my fellow experts and thought leaders here: ( Grab a Cuppa (something) and catch some profound knowings~~~~ Much Love Cynthia Harrison P.S. We have a Arts of Healing Private Facebook Group for ongoing discussions and contemplation. So pop in and say Hello, G'day, Howdy, Aloha Here is a list of our International Expert speakers: 1 Sandra Epstein 2 Kenji Kumara 3 Richard Barrett 4 Vanessa Jean Boscarello- Ovens 5 Dr Andrea Pennington 6 Shiloh Sophia 7 Susie Beiler 8 Dr Melanie Smith 9 Kimberly Meredith 10 Michelle Lightworker 11Jazz Rasool 12 Christopher Tims 13 Titanya Dahlin 14 Tracey Ash 15 Karen Curry-Parker 16 Clara Apollo 17 Carl Smith 18 Lauren Adorno Weatherford 19 Dominique Peters 20 Harrison Klein 21 jim Oliver 22 Dawn Crystal Our mailing address is: [masked]

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Join our meet up to experience an amazingly transformational painting process called Intentional Creativity.

Intentional Creativity uses the Muse (the voice of guidance that feeds you rather than feeds off you), we go on a visioning journey together to find her and gather the medicine, gifts, tools, or knowledge she has for us. The canvas is the portal through which we make a more physical contact, painting and writing are the tools used to assist the Muse to emerge into being.

The core teaching is about bringing in your whole Self through your intention, so that you can live fully liberated into the being you are here to express in the world. The painting becomes a power generator through every thought and inquiry being infused into the painting.

It is a quantum reality that when we bring our mindfulness to something that it actually lights up. As you light up you are lighting up the field that we are all part of and hence we light the earth. The image will hold the space for the experience, all our life experiences are held in story.

We are generally not conscious of how we hold these stories, what we make it mean or where it is stored in our field. Memory exists inside the space around us in the field, and not in the brain. When we paint we go into the field around us and access the story. We ask for that story through intention to be moved out of the space where it is and into the prepared space of the canvas.

The process can be used for purely a painting experience, to relax, as spiritual practice, a healing tool, or for great transformational work. It is about your Intention!

The process includes taking an inquiry or a piece of the story (your story) and writing it onto paper or canvas. This is activating the lineal left functions of the brain. The next step is to move it, so paint or scribble over it. The use of loose paint strokes not only feels great, but it gets movement to the body, initiates crossover movements that are great for our energy and physical structures, while initiating the functions of the right brain.

The moving back and forth between the use of writing, movement, and creativity sees a whole brain affect occur. This whole brain affect impacts the Amygdala in a fantastic way, it calms it!!

Why so great, well the Amygdala is like the fire alarm in the brain, when it feels a threat it activates and eventually floods the system with chemical concoctions that hijack the rational brain.

Over time these chemicals that are to assist us to fight a threat, Run or freeze, they end up becoming overproduced and in excess and start to impact like toxins on our health and wellbeing. The Amygdala helps with memories or perceptions of emotions, so if there is a troubling story or emotion and we pair it with creativity in so doing we defuse the connection and that piece of the story no longer trigger the same emotional response it had previously.

What a difference this makes to life, being able to modulate emotions, to shift conditioning patterns. Not to mention simple relaxation and joyful experiences, Why wouldn't we see transformation!

If you are interested to know more about Intentional Creativity, Visionary Art, Transformational work or general wellbeing come and join me at the Meet ups. I have many offerings at so come visit and look around.

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