What we're about

You're in Sydney, RICHEST BIG CITY that ever existed on Earth created by many hard working people over many years... And you have meetup.com, the Greatest Social Tool ever.

I am the founding organizer of this group & my aim has always been to offer all who come to MY meetups a time efficient path to a GREAT & FRIENDLY LIFE HERE, & do it Respectfully & Democratically.

But over the years I kindly let a few others be a event organizers & I hope that if the meetups they organize are less consequential that they are at least as FRIENDLY.

It pains me to see (a few) other meetup groups that are neither friendly or consequential

When you join our community of 16,000+ FRIENDLY, NICE, SMART, HARDWORKING, HELPFUL & AMBITIOUS PEOPLE using meetup, you'll have the "KEYS TO THIS CITY".

Please GIVE BACK to the people who created meetup, are organizers and or members.

Use it NICELY NOW to help create a BETTER LIFE FOR ALL...

Whereas most other meetup groups just enable you to meet people similar to you, we aim with most of our meetups to be the best at getting you up close & personal (so you can network with & learn from) with the Most Consequential people: Nicest, most Powerful, Smartest, Wisest, RICHEST etc- just look at our past 2000+ meetups...

You would have been introduced to Oscar winning FILM STARS, Prime Ministers, Billionaires etc...

I aim to introduce each one of you to around 10 people at each meetup even if you are SHY.

I just found a great site that "explains" meetup very well: https://www.succeedsocially.com/meetup

We aim to give you a materially better life, a GREAT LIFE in Sydney but AFFORDABLY.


Just ask the organizers or seek help & advice from our 16,000+ very diverse, nice and CREATIVE members from all over the planet, but I or meetup take no responsibility for the accuracy of the contents that I put up. Always please do your own research...

There is probably someone here that can give you REAL HELP with jobs, accommodation, language, culture, cheap or FREE places to eat, or just friendship etc.

BE PROACTIVE> PUT YOUR WANTS & YOUR SKILLS IN YOUR INTRODUCTION, or email or ring me direct 0419 5000 23 10am to 10 pm 7 days

We are here to be USEFUL, TO ENRICH YOUR LIFE, be you a STAR from California, a family of 10 from the Congo, a student from China, an accountant from London, or a local who likes meeting people from all over the world...

Most meetups will be nice and informal- mingle friendly, & FREE and most will have free drinks, many will have free food & most will be all ages/ family friendly. You can expect to meet around 100 people at one of our typical meetups...

When you come to a meetup there will usually be people from my other meetup groups... Just click on my profile and it will tell you which other groups I organize or am assistant organizer of... If you then go to those meetup sites you will see who else is there... EG if 5 meetup groups are coming and 10 people RSVPd in each, expect to meet 50 meetup people... and of course many people who are not yet meetup people...

Suggestions welcome...


Ring me, 0419 5000 23 or email me... Victor, your dutiful organizer

And after you attended a meetup, PLEASE GIVE BACK by doing 3 THINGS, PREFERABLY WITHIN 24 hours

1. Write a few dozen words about your MEETUP EXPERIENCE after each meetup, then

2. Post photos if you can

3. Write a group review (this you don't have to do after every meetup). "Members" then click on "Group Reviews" on left of page.

The more input from members the better for all... So PRAISE or criticize creatively & honestly... So far we have not censored anybody...

Upcoming events (5+)

FREE SEMINAR :Clarity, Certainty and Confidence-New year, New you

The beginning of the year is the best time to challenge yourself and get rid of old habits. A new year brings you a new opportunity to improve and replace old habits with healthier ones. 2019 can be the year to take action and we want to help you find the path towards that change. Most people tend to associate success with happiness, yet despite a successful career, business or relationship we are sometimes prone to feel like there is something missing in our lives. Somewhere underneath, at a much deeper level, YOU know there is so much more YOU can aspire to. Despite all your aspirations, something seems to prevent you from moving forward. You might be in a daily battle between being a worrier or a warrior. You may feel exhausted at work or unappreciated at home. Or maybe you’re stuck with an important decision and yearn for clarity and confidence to make up your mind. “Clarity certainty and confidence” is a life-changing event that provides a unique opportunity for you to connect with yourself and to gain Clarity to find your life direction, Certainty to make decisions, Confidence within yourself to live life on your own terms. The purpose of this workshop is NOT to change you or fix you. It’s to awaken your unconscious mind, so you can unleash your potential and overcome the challenges in your life.

FREE: Learn & Party with Top International Architects @ Friendly top University

Amazing FREE EVENT. Lucky you to be in Sydney. Elsewhere an event such as this could cost you $100. You'll gain great knowledge about ENVIRONMENT. etc. You'll meet lots of Nice & Bright people. You'll have great Food & Drink. GET YOUR FREE TICKETS QUICK https://www.events.unsw.edu.au/event/utzon-lecture-series-ricardo-flores-eva-prats Any problems getting tickets, RING me[masked] I may be able to help.

Wednesday Happy Hour & Food - 5 Star Hotel - English Speaking Practice Welcome

Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney


AMORA Jamison Hotel - Absolute Quality SILO BAR 1st Floor (previously Gallery Bar) created a new classy look, best place for After Work Drinks on Wednesdays! & for ANYONE wanting to Practice their English. This is a 5 star bar! 30 to 40 people enjoy these fun Wednesday nights. Many new people join us each week! (COMBINED GROUPS) Living Loving Learning Laughing is my motto so let's enjoy life! Come along, meet interesting people from all different walks of life! Whether you are interested in socializing, networking or just having fun, this is the place for you. Everyone welcome, no age limit. Hosts will Welcome you on arrival. Happy hour drinks from 6-9pm, a selection of red, white & sparkling wines plus four tap beer choices for only $6 each. Food is provided for free. Entry Fee $10 is excellent value for this Special Weekly Event. Amora Jamison Hotel address is 11 Jamison Street between George and York Streets, (Closer to York St) located near Wynyard station. Mingle, meet and enjoy the company of other professional people in elegant surroundings. Biz to Biz chatting is also a plus here! Any Questions please call/text George[masked]

Free Drink Friday @ Morrision(First 30 Peeps a free Drink )

Needs a location


First 30 peeps to sign in with hosts will receive a free drink voucher. Our GROUP WILL ALSO RECEIVE EXCLUSIVELY A 3 HOUR HAPPY HOUR (5-8pm) Friday Drinks night out, should be a great night full of dancing and new friends! Limited spaces available so RSVP early! Dress to impress and meet us in the Main Bar from 5.30pm - 8pm for happy hour drinks. Starting off at The Morrison with $10 Cocktails and $10 Burgers. Plus a $5 happy hour from 5-8pm for Meetup Members only!!!!! Entry Cost: $5.00 Cash per person!!! Starting at 5.30pm for Happy Hour Drinks til 8pm then Dinner 7.30pm to 9pm( optional ) Cost: $5.00 Cash please bring correct change if possible Dancing from 9pm at the near by Establishment/Ivy or Argyle Roma,Mark, Stefano & Team Hosts FYI - To all new & existing members this is a combined Meetup event, whilst numbers maybe low on one group, there will be higher numbers on other group. In respect of owners of the groups I cannot disclose the names of the other Meetup groups. However please check against Mark’s 20 Combined Meetup groups for RSVPs across the groups

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