What we're about

Our meetup is for people who wish to jump-start to their careers in Data Science - and like to learn how?

Who should be in this meetup?

• Data Science lovers

• Professionals who are looking to shift to data science career

• Students are considering data careers

• Professionals from engineering and science background who would like to excel in data skills.

What do we provide?

• Help you to learn basic data skills

• Identify needs in data science and define career paths for newcomers.

• Connect you with data experts in different areas.

• Provide steps to locate jobs in data science and identify a study path for data interviews.

• Provide mentorship

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Machine Learning to Classify Identity Deception

Magnimind Academy

This talk with explore the application of machine learning (ML) to verify someone online is in fact who they purport to be. In specific this presentation will focus on email identity deception or phishing. The vast majority of data breaches start with email deception and all of those involve identity impersonation. The primary challenge in designing a machine learning solution to verify identity is that there is no tolerance for error. We can neither miss malicious content nor can we block business critical communications. Criminals are innovative in their efforts to subvert defenses and at the same time people and organisations are dynamic, always changing the way they do things. During this presentation we will explore the process of models to protect organisations and how our approach remains vigilant in an every evolving threat landscape. Agenda: 6:20 pm - 6:30 pm Arrival and socializing 6:30 pm - 6:40 pm Opening 6:40 pm - 7:50 pm Siobhan Mcnamara, "Machine Learning to Classify Identity Deception" 7:50 pm - 8:00 pm Q&A About Siobhan Mcnamara: Siobhan Mcnamara is a data scientist working at Agari, a cybersecurity company in the Bay Area. Originally Siobhan studied Psychology & Economics and had an interest in the intersection of the two. This has lend itself to her current role, they analyze behaviours and use that for identity verification, that is to determine if someone online is who they claim to be. Earlier in her career, Siobhan had a number of research roles in economics and later on learned to code so that she could apply that skillset to a data science position.

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Introduction to Data Science Workshop

Magnimind Academy

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