Show Me The Money and The Big Picture Workshop - Over 2 Consecutive Weeks

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Week 1: Show Me the Money – Now! 9 Sept , 3 - 8 pm
Week 2: The Big Picture - 16 Sept, 3 - 8 pm

Week 1 - Show Me the Money – Now!

Show Me the Money – Now! – is a 3-hour workshop for small businesses owners who want to get ahead of their finances.

Finance is a dry and scary topic for many business owners. It's overwhelming, it's confusing and most of all - it never really seems like you've 'figured it out' right. There's always something you forgot to do or a formula you don't yet know.

This confusion has small business owners going from month to month hoping to keep above water.

The good news is that Change is possible.

Owning your business shouldn't be a case of living hand to mouth if you have the right system and plans in place. This workshop is for those of you who want that change.

Imagine shaking off the stress of not knowing what to do with your finances, and the stress of being alone and overwhelmed, to having a full 3-year financial forecast set for your business.

During the 3 hours, long time business coach and owner Keith Davidson will show you how to create the 3 most important financial reports in your business;

Profit and Loss
Cash Flow and,
Balance Sheet

But, we don't stop there, along with the 3 vital financial statements for your business, you will also leave with action plans to achieve the sales revenue you calculate and, a scorecard so you can stay on track with your goals and manage your sales, growth and expansion!

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9 Sept 2019, 3 - 8 pm
Tattersall's Club , 215 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000.
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From only $157.00 (inc GST) (to receive this Early Bird price secure your spot by 26 August 2019 or after that it is $197).

Week 2 - "The Big Picture" Workshop

This is an action oriented workshop where you will work directly on your business and establish clear goals for 2019.

In “The Big Picture” worksop you will:

Define your Big Goal – Where will you be in a few years?
Define your Strategic Purpose – Why does your business exist?
Determine your Business Values.
Learn about tools on how to define issues that are holding you back.
Set in place processes to prioritise these issues.

Learn to create goals and action plans to address these issues
Feedback from participants ranked previous workshops an average of 9.25 out of 10.

Allow Just Small Business to work with you and assist you in creating clear direction for your business.

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From only $157.00 (inc GST) (to receive this Early Bird price secure your spot by 26 August 2019 or after that it is $197).

16 Sept 2019, 3 - 8 pm, Tattersall's Club , 215 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000.

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