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Experience the Transformative Power of Kundalini Yoga. First Class Free
What is Kundalini Yoga ? The practice of Kundalini Yoga balances the glandular system, expands lung capacity and purifies the blood stream. It brings balance to the body, mind and soul. It teaches positive, self empowering attitudes of thinking. It builds inner strength and self awareness so you can fulfil your highest potential and have success and excellence in your life. Kundalini Yoga is considered the most comprehensive of yoga traditions, combining meditation, mantra, mudra (hand positions), eye focus, physical exercises and breathing techniques. Kundalini Yoga is quick and creates rapid , sustainable personal growth and healing. Kundalini Yoga does not require a high level of flexibility, is deeply meditative, will sharpen your mind, relieve stress, increase vitality and improve health. It is ideal for all level of students but is excellent for those who have never done Yoga before. Cost A class costs $20 payable on the night in cash. The first class is free. A concession fee of $15 is available. Class Attendance There is no requirement to attend a certain number of classes. Each class is self contained and is not dependent on earlier classes. However by regularly attending classes each week the benefit of the yoga is powerfully enhanced. Equipment While we settle into the Ivanhoe Senior Citizens Hall it will be necessary to bring your own yoga mat , cushion and blanket. Also bring a water bottle. Clothing Loose clothing is recommended. Some students dress in white (it expands your aura and contains all the colours) but it is not a requirement. Sitting The yoga is generally done on the floor in a seated position. The use of a cushion makes this position much easier, however if necessary a chair can be used during the class. Class Time The doors of the Ivanhoe Senior Citizens Hall will be closed at 7.00pm sharp. For new students on their first night it is recommended to arrive 10 mins before the class for a run through of how the class is conducted. Otherwise it is recommended that you arrive at least 5 mins before the class commences. Parking Off road parking is available next to the Ivanhoe Senior Citizens Hall , enter from Ivanhoe Parade , and also at the Ivanhoe Library, also enter from Ivanhoe Parade.

Ivanhoe Senior Citizens Hall

14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe · Melbourne

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This meetup is for those people who want to fulfill their true potential and have success and excellence in their life, who want to quickly reduce stress and build inner strength, improve their health, sharpen their mind, increase vitality, explore their true identity, build self awareness and experience personal growth.

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