How to be wildly happy again? - Bring your Inner Child excitement :D

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LEAD from the HEART Women group
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Do you remember how it was to be a child, full of excitement, pure happiness and freedom?

Every time you have heard your favorite song, you could not resist and started to dance or sing (or even both).
Or you were laughing and laughing ... and you did not want to stop because the feeling was just too good to stop :) 

When was the last time, you were spontaneous, carefree and joyful?

It's true, we are all adult now, having our responsibilities, challenges and plans.
We also live in a fast pacing word with lots of expectations, stress and limited time for fun.
How wonderful it could be, to loose up a bit and allow yourself to enjoy your life more, enjoy being yourself more.

During this event, we will focus on being resilient, creative and full of new ideas. To experience pure happiness, sense of freedom and childlike excitement again.
Children derive joy for as long as their parents and surroundings allow them.
With age, fewer things "we may do". Limitations, norms and rules appear .. and of course, we all needed them..but we all can agree that we are also too serious and strict in our life.

Then we look at children with delight, who are just happy by collecting pebbles, flowers, playing with sand or jumping over puddles and wish to have that light hearted attitude again.

During this special night, through joint games, we will connect with our Inner Child and look for the original, creative energy that pushes us to life and exploration.

So, who is our Inner Child exactly?
It's this sensitive, emotional, spontaneous part in us, full of lightness, joy, creativity and carefree approaches.

Join us for this interactive event with the special guest - Kate Kijak (Inner-Child guru) and meet like minded women who are, just like you, opened for new excitement, fun and adventure.

Can't wait to see you at the event and have lots of fun together!

With love and joy,

Kinga Elizabeth Staszalek - Host &
Kate Kijak

A bit about our special guest -
Hi, I'm Kate Kijak, I have graduated tourism and diploma of Human Recourses, and have experience in business administration. The key thing I would like to share with you is not about my professional life, but about how to release your inner child and your internal energy. I would like to give you an unique opportunity to look at the world through the eyes of a child that lives in your adult body. My inner child allows me to be very intuitive, value naturalness, truthfulness, and honesty. This is where I gain my energy, power, balance from.
At this spcial event I would like to give you a chance to connect with your heart, playful childishness so you can tap into your pure happiness, joy, creativity and take it with you.