Trivia Night

What we'll do

Join us for a fun night of pub trivia. The questions are usually quite topical and we’re bound to be able to answer at least some of them 😉. If you have a man in your life feel free to invite him - there’s always sports questions that we’ll need help with 😆.

The DoG has great food (with $13 hanger steaks on trivia nights) and plenty of craft beer on tap. We’ll order our meals around 7.15pm so we can eat and then focus on the questions. There are 3 rounds of trivia with time for drinks and chatting between them.

Trivia is upstairs and there’s usually someone at the top of the stairs who can direct you to our table. If not, the tables have reserved signs on them so wander round and find the one with my name (Vicki S).

As this is our first night of trivia we’re going to need to pick a team name, so think about some options to let us know on the night. If we enjoy ourselves we’ll make it a fortnightly event.