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Learn to Dance + Meet More Friends
Learn to Dance + Meet More Friends
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What we'll do

Meet people in a fun, relaxed setting as you learn some basic dance moves.

Even if you have never danced, we can teach you. You will soon be looking fabulous and thrilled that you can dance. If you have never attended a Le Step class, your first night is just $10! Also, as it is your first night, you can buy a 6 night pass for just $50! That's a crazy $8.33 per night! Simply RSVP here and mention the Meetup deal to our door staff.

Doors open. We recommend first timers arrive early so that you have plenty of time to sign in and get ready for the Beginner class at 7:30 pm.

Beginners Class.

Beginners class finishes, and we play some great music until 8:45 PM so that you can dance 'Freestyle' or grab a drink and just relax.

Choose from our 'Recap' of the Beginners Class, or our 'Bridging Class' for those who want to try something a little harder, or our 'Intermediate Class' for those who have a bit more experience. For those of you who want a bigger challenge, we now offer an Advanced Class on the first Wednesday of the month!

Classes finish, and we play more great music for you to try out what you have learned by dancing Freestyle.


Regular Prices:
Casual Rate Adults $17. Students $10 (F/T Student I.D. Req.)
Discount multi and monthly passes are also available.

What does Modern Jive look like? Here is a short clip extracted from our beginner DVD's.