What we're about

Learn by Doing has a vision: To increase technical and agile skills through practical learning in an open and inclusive environment.

To achieve this we provide real-world, hands-on training where you `Learn by Doing` with Minimum Loveable Products (MLPs). We are calling this concept a "Learnathon".

Our Learnathons are run as a development sprint. No matter what role you currently have, or what role you're interested in, you can design, build and learn!

About You:
You believe in life-long learning, you're a motivated self learner, you're interested in agile; you want to try your hand at development, ui/ux, devops, analysis or scrum master roles; you're willing to commit to your team for at least one sprint.

If you're interested in the concept and getting involved, keep an eye out for one of our kick-off events. At these events we'll explain how a sprint works, what the next concept product is, and then help you to form a team and organise your sprint.

Our facilitators have experience as an agile consultant, UI and UX designer, development/devops lead. Although we won't be able to teach you how to code, how to design, or how to run agile ceremonies, we will help to guide you as you learn; we can point you toward resources, and we can provide technical coaching for these roles.

Past Events

Learn by Doing Open House 🏠

RMIT Building 8

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