Gone in 8 seconds: from nothing to 3000 pages && Let’s figure-git out

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Leeds Frontend Meetup
Leeds Frontend Meetup
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New Station Street · Leeds, LS1 4JB

How to find us

Head outside of the train station entrance, where you'll see M&S. As you come out of the station, Platform entrance is on your right. Let the receptionist guide you to our space!

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What we'll do

Leeds Frontend welcome all to this free event. Come along for a good time, listen to some interesting talks and mingle with fellow like minded people over some food.

Talk 1-
Gone in 8 seconds: from nothing to 3000 pages - Alex Fenton
Director & Consultant @ Neat Fox Digital

JAMStack is awesome but you can’t build a huge dynamic site with it…….right?
Whilst developing JAMStack sites over the last year I have heard time and time again that the concept is great but it doesn’t scale to large dynamic sites.

In the early days of JAMStack technologies, this was true. I would hear of friends taking on projects for such sites and becoming frustrated with the costly builds which ultimately became a deal breaker. Many still fear this issue will come to bite them eventually, but thanks to some great work from the community and hosting providers, you can have your cake and eat it. JAMStack + dynamic content + super fast builds.

The JAMStack scales and it does so with some impressive results. Want to
create 3000+ dynamic content pages for a static site in 8 seconds?! Look no further.

As an audience you will take away: methods for streamlining the creation of thousands of image assets for your site by leveraging the power of severless, recommendations for build time vs run time data fetching, deep dives into features that hosting providers offer to speed up deploy times. Once you walk out of this talk you’ll have all the great features of the JAMStack with the comfort that’ll you’ll be using it for sites big and small.

Website: https://www.neatfox.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/afeno90

Talk 2-
Let’s figure-git out - Asher
Developer at Sky
How to get comfortable with git commands on the terminal.

Twitter: @asherocarr

18:30 – Turn up, do some networking
19:00 –Gone in 8 seconds: from nothing to 3000 pages - Alex Fenton
19:20 – Job pitches (from anyone!)
19:25 – Break for food and networking
19:40 – Let’s figure-git out - Asher
20:10- Off to the pub!

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