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You have stepped through the Looking Glass. Left is right, right is left, up is down, down is up, night is day and day is night, dreams are what you live awake, life is what you dream. The middle way is not the grey zone between black and white but is a passionate rainbow, like a beautiful sunset and sunrise, that changes with each moment. How do you fully experience what you are living, and snap out of the hypnosis of drab grey days, that has you living at other people's whims, fulfilling society's dreams? You stand up in your power and love. Love yourself, love the sensations you have now, reading this, sitting or standing. You choose the dream you want and the way you want to live it. Right now you have everything you need to be who you want to be, live how you want to live, transform your nightmares into ecstatic dreams that come true. It's all a matter of insight, transforming this moment now so that the sights you see become art, the sounds you hear right now become music and the feelings you have right now are yours, a dance created to suit you because you are your own hypnotist, guiding your own trance to channel your own wisdom, making your own rituals of freedom.

This is group is for people interested in experiencing the essences of Tantra, paganism, shamanism, trance, dance, hypnosis and Alternatives - Alternative Spiritualities, Alternative states of mind/body, Alternative sexualities and Alternative lifestyles. We will be companions in adventure exploring the ecology of being, having fun rewriting life to suit ourselves and those we love. We get together at least once a month for "playshops", to dance with words and bodies, do rituals of energy and trance-formation (depending on the venue). Two websites to checkout http://deepconnecttantra.com and http://thoughtfuloutsider.com
See you soon in Wonderland.

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