Taint’ What You Do

Loving Life for over 40's
Loving Life for over 40's
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Garema Place

Garema Pl · Canberra

How to find us

Depending on how cold it is, I'll likely be wearing my red hiking jacket and green / grey beanie

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What we'll do

The dance group, which I have been involved in, on and off for 10-12 years, Jumptown Swing, has it's annual Swing Festival, Canberrang on the weekend of the 2nd-4th of August.

Each year the festival usually has a theme, and 2019 it's the Greatest Hit's of Swing, There are a number of events as part of the festival, and the one I usually go to is the social dance at the Chess Pit in Garema Place.

Going with the theme of Greatest Hits of Swing, the social dance is themed on the song by Jimmy Lunceford, Taint’ What You Do. To tap your toes and to get a feel of what to expect, take a look at the Youtube video:

I usually go to listen to the music, who loves Jazzy Big band music, and watch the dancing, take a look here if you have no idea what Swing is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gisafTmbVd8. I also quite like seeing the guys and girls in their vintage 1920s outfits and hair styles for the girls.

So, you'll welcome to come join me, listen to some Jazz, watch some pretty cool dancing, and unless it's the Shim Sham (if I can remember any of it), I'll be watching from the sidelines.

I might be able to have my arm twisted, to go for lunch / drink somewhere after,