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Sing Love Peace Harmony for Humanity, Nature, Animals and beyond This is a Facebook live event as well as in person, so all those around all of Australia can join us too. We sing online and meet in person as a group at the Soulfulness Centre serving together this way, at this time. What you sing is what you become. Let's become Love Peace and Harmony. Lets create it. Lets embody it and radiate it out to all souls! With much love, peace and harmony, Master Mirva

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What we're about

The purpose of the Love Peace Harmony Celebration for World Peace is to create the first & largest call and gathering in Australia for the purpose of Love, Peace and Harmony.

The purpose is to create awareness, to start the awareness and to start it on a major scale.

The purpose is to create the experience of what you chant, is what you become and is open to EVERYONE!

It is to provide the experience of :

how simple and easy this is,

how practical & tangible it is,

how everybody can do it,

how everyone can do it anywhere, anytime.

The power is within everyone. Everyone has a choice. Everyone makes a difference. Everyone carries frequency and vibration. Everyone can choose and change their frequency and vibration and with this song . . . . . . . . . . IT CAN BE DONE!

This is WHY you would want to join and be part of MAKING A DIFFERENCE and all you have to do is "SHOW UP", SING Love Peace Harmony to Celebrate and be a major part in creating World PEACE.

This day will provide you with the simplicity of experiencing, creating and manifesting Love, Peace and Harmony every day & in every aspect of life!

The message of the Love Peace Harmony Celebration for World Peace is - what you sing, is what you become; what you chant is what you become. Sing Love Peace and Harmony become love, peace and harmony. By singing, you create World Peace.

By first creating inner Love, Peace and Harmony, then in your homes, cities, states and countries – It will and is a simple way to bring World Peace.

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