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If like me, you love checking out a show at the theatre, meeting new people, heading to a music festival or live gigs in great venues, meeting people socially at other event types you have come to the right place!Following the September 11 attacks in 2001, Meetup site's co-founder Scott Heiferman publicly stated in 2011 that the manner in which people in New York City came together in the aftermath of that traumatic event inspired him to use the Internet to make it easier for people to connect with strangers in their community.In the principles of above, I want this group to bring people together who have a passion for Music, Festivals, Theatre etc in a friendly and welcoming environment. Where possible, I will show case a range of events to cater for all. Everyone is free to suggest events, in fact I encourage it. I try my best to try and find free or low cost events but some special events (i.e. international artists) will always be more costly.

I pay for majority of web-site costs myself but may for some events ask that if anyone wants to contribute a voluntary $1 to participate would be appreciated. Please note it will always be noted in the event description and money should only ever be given to the HOST. At the event the host will not approach for money, if you would like to and can afford to voluntarily pay, then you can approach them.

Cheers Sharon (Organiser)

My expectations of members to ensure a good time is had by all:

• A profile photo of yourself is a requirement for joining this group to assist with locating you at events and also for security reasons

• To attend an event you must RSVP YES - no just turning up

• On events where I allow +1 this is meant for partners but if you want to bring a friend so they can see if they would like to join then please privately message the host

• Please do not bring people with you or divulge location of events to other Meetup people as they may be ones I have banned from this group This group is semi private for a reason so that event locations are not shown

• If you can not attend please change your RSVP to NO to make it easier for the Host who is coordinating. Failure to not change will be recorded as no show and could disadvantage you at future events

• No shows and regular late withdrawals on days of events will be recorded and future events where there are waiting lists or number restrictions will mean you will be bumped off from attending

• Please note Hosts are not responsible for purchasing tickets etc, if they offer then please do the right thing by them.

• If the host asks questions of attendees please respond and give feedback to assist the host in organising a successful event.

• Please keep comments relevant to the event attending and refrain from adding excessively please.

• If you don't want your photo displayed please make this known to people taking the photos at events. Photos of people will only remain on the site for approximately 2 weeks.

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