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Make It Happen! is a self-motivated hotpot of happy, supportive, collaborative writers, illustrators, and entrepreneurs who want to excel in their careers through self publishing.

Our main focus is to cultivate a group of like-minded people that will lead all members to their individual goals.

Our aim is to meet often in an open, casual, relaxed, and cooperative atmosphere.

No experience needed here!

You may have a book idea and don’t know where to start or your book idea hasn't even sprouted yet. Maybe you're an established author with titles under your belt that needs connections, networking and collaboration with like-minded people. Or an entrepreneur, business owner or start-up who knows the value of writing a book, understands the power of published work and what it can do for a business.

No matter where you are on your own writing, illustrating or publishing journey, together we can assist each other through the group members’ vast experiences, knowledge, skills, education and resources. The diversity in this group will be its greatest asset.

At our Meetups we network to share ideas, skills and knowledge so each of us can walk away with loads of value to implement into getting that book started or being a support for the established writers. Adding value and supporting one another in the book writing journey is how we grow together and become the Authorpreneurs we desire to be so we can grow our business, our audience and our message.

Come and have fun networking and collaborating. Help build a strong community of writers, make the journey along the road to self-publishing less bumpy. Make your dream happen!

Here’s a little taste of inspiration that you’ll receive on steroids at our Meetups:

Creating and having the guts to share your story with the world takes a strong mindset, loads of battles with self-doubt, limiting beliefs, naysayers and procrastination. To beat all this, you need to first beat the talk in your head. One way to start changing the mindset and grow confidence is to hang out with motivating and inspiring action takers who are heading in the same successful direction in life as you!

Commit to yourself and make a promise that this year is YOUR YEAR! No more cheerleader holding the pom poms, you are the star player now. Surround yourself with the people who want to see you grow and hold that book in your hand. This is THE group that will make this happen! Attend our Meetups as much as you can and that dream of being an author will be yours.

About the Organisers:
Cindy Holmberg-Smith is the founder of Lizard Learning which is an educational publishing house that writes, creates and develops educational teaching resources, programs and workbooks for primary school education. Their very popular 10 Quick Questions a Day program has been widely featured in print and media such as Channel 9’s TODAY SHOW and the Gold Coast Bulletin. All Lizard Learning resources are available in hardcopy across bookstores in Australia and as online resources at their website.
Cindy has self published 34 educational workbooks to assist students’ education in the primary school years. Lizard Learning also has an established teachers’ membership subscription with hundreds of lesson ideas, activities and posters, games and materials to help set up an engaging and inspirational classroom.

Robin Adolphs is the founder of Butternut Books, author and publisher of children's picture books, educator and speaker. She has educational texts, published by Cambridge University Press. Her books published by Butternut Books have received international recognition, with Brave Danny receiving official recognition at the United Nations Conference on the Status of Women. Robin has written books on serious social issues and books just for fun. All published titles have free to download notes and activities for teachers and parents to expand the underlying messages inherent in Robin's books. Before Robin became a full-time author and publisher, she was an Early Childhood teacher and Deputy Principal and taught in both Australia and Germany.

Aaron Pocock is an extremely versatile artist, using many mediums and is comfortable rendering widely varied subject matter. In 2011, Aaron was chosen to illustrate the Australia Post commemorative stamp-set, Mythical Creatures, for Australia's Book Week. Among the spin-offs from this were the production of the first 3D stamps and coins minted using his images. Throughout his career, Aaron has illustrated children’s books, stamps, book covers, CD sleeves, Packaging Art, private commissions, murals, tattoo designs and (almost) anything else he's been required to do... Aaron also works in a fine art capacity as often as time allows, and is available for commissioned work. He also has over 20 years of teaching and instruction in the arts and is committed to helping others find their own artistic voice.


Be happy, positive and motivated.

Leave your woes and worries at the door - we have a short time together, let’s make it fun, inspirational and bring us all one step (or three) closer to reaching our goals and realising our true potential.

Be kind, considerate and uplifting in our words, ideas and suggestions to every member in our group.


Make It Happen!

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