What we're about

This group is for members and visitors to Makespace, a community inventing shed in Cambridge, UK. The meetups are organised by community members both in the space and elsewhere in Cambridge.

To tweak your email preferences for the group, please go to http://meetup.makespace.org/settings/

We would love to meet:

* Community members, enthusiasts, and educational groups who could benefit from a lab in which to work together, network, socialise, and draw on the expertise of others

* People working within local industries looking to innovate in ways that require new skills, equipment and contacts

* Companies and consultancies that support innovation and prototyping, and who could provide training, support, leading to the sale of their services

* Innovators needing to produce physical prototypes to further their ideas

If this could include you, please help us maintain and grow Makespace by joining now, telling us:

* Who you are, and any company/group affiliation
* What you could contribute to and/or how you could benefit from Makespace
* Any other ideas, requirements or suggestions to improve Makespace

For more on Makespace, see http://makespace.org

For discussions about the space and making in general, see http://groups.google.com/group/cammakespace

Upcoming events (5+)

New Members Induction. You MUST bring 2 ID’s - Please read in detail

PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING UP - in the past we have had to turn prospective members away because they have not read this invitation in detail. If you would like to join Makespace, please FIRST visit the space, by coming to a 'See the space' event - these happen every week and can be found at (http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/). If you have visited the space and would like to become a member, you may sign up for this induction. On signing up you will be asked for some information - please answer this (your answer will be seen only by the inductor). Once you have signed up for this induction, please set up a regular membership payment by visiting https://makespace.recurly.com/subscribe/makespace-membership-full Please ensure that you have access to a web-mail account as you will have to log in and upload your receipt, you will not be able to join of you cannot upload it. We supply Chromebooks for you to use for your induction or you may use your own computer, mobile phones cannot be used. At the induction you must bring two types of ID 1. Any of the listed Government issued photo IDs -Current, valid full passport (certified copies must show nationality, place and date of birth, passport number, expiry date, photograph and signature) -Current, valid full UK photo-card driving licence with signature or ‘old style’ -Current, valid UK photo-card provisional licence -Armed Forces ID Card -Residence permit showing your full name and current address. This is issued by the Home Office to non-EU Nationals on sight of your own country’s passport. AND........ 2. Any of the listed documents for address verification -Household utility bill (eg gas, electric, water or fixed line telephone but not a mobile phone bill). It must be no more than three months old and show your name and current address -Bank, building society or credit card statement. It must be no more than three months old and show your name and current address -Local authority tax bill (e.g. council tax) valid for the current year -Local authority rent book -HM Revenue & Customs (Inland Revenue) tax document e.g. tax assessment, statement of account, notice of coding. It must contain your full name and current address. P45s and P60s are not acceptable -Original notification letter from the relevant benefits agency confirming the right to benefits or state pension After the induction (which take 2 hours) you will be a full member of Makespace. Your key-fob will be enabled, giving you 24-hour access). Unfortunately if you fail to bring the two specified documents (one of each), you will be turned away from the induction. If this induction is full you can look on the calendar (http://www.meetup.com/Makespace/events/) for another one - if none are shown, then more will be scheduled soon! If you have problems signing up or have any questions about the induction or about membership more generally, please e-mail membership (at) makespace (dot) org. We look forward to seeing you at Makespace.

3D Printer (Ultimaker 2) Training

Makespace main room

This training session will take you through the process of turning your 3D models into a plastic object using the Ultimaker 2 3D printer. We'll cover safety, use of the slicing software, selecting materials and operation of the printer. After a group session each attendee will print a small object and, if the required knowledge is demonstrated, will then be signed off to use the Ultimaker. Please remember to edit your RSVP if you can't attend the session, this way people on the waitlist will be able to find out that there is a space, but please don't drop out on the day unless you really have to, it usually results in a missed place. This session is only for Makespace members who have been fully inducted and have a working key fob. Your key fob must be able to open the door. Please don't sign up on meetup unless you know your key fob works.

See the Space (open to all)


This tour is 25min, please be on time. This is for anyone interested in Makespace to come and look around! If you think you'd like to become a member, or perhaps use Makespace for an event then come and see the space, equipment and meet a few members!


Laser training. It's training on the laser. Save yourself from disappointment and social embarrassment by being a fully inducted member with fully working activated tested functional keyfob BEFORE you sign up. (This means if you're being inducted on this day you can't join this training session, sorry). And please only sign up if you can make it. Signing up and then showing up late bumps someone else off a slot - and they're going to be annoyed with you when I tell them (and I will). Don't be late, it wastes everyone's time and counts as a no-show and will also impact on VOLUNTEER willingness to train you in future. Ok, enough warnings .... this stuff is awesome... turn up and be trained on one of our most popular pieces of equipment, learn to build your dreams out of anything on earth (so long as it's wood or acrylic). And I'll make some suggestions on how to run the software you need to get the most out of it. Turn up, pay attention, be laser trained! Awesome! FAQ Q: Can I sign up for this before my keyfob has been activated, working and tested by me? A: No. Q. Can I be late? A: No. Q. I can't make it and I fear your wrath, what can I do? A: Cancel here on meetup so that someone else can have your slot.

Past Events

Hand Router training (Members only)

Makespace secure workshop

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