Monthly Meetup: Managing Your PCOS Naturally

Managing PCOS Naturally
Managing PCOS Naturally
Public group

Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre

405 Crown St · Surry Hills

How to find us

We’ll be meeting at the Surry Hills neighbourhood centre, which is above the library on Crown st. Take the lift to level one and head to the right. Look out for the small meeting room.

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What we'll do

So many women are not satisfied with their current treatment for PCOS. Either they're not getting the results they really want, or the medications they're taking are causing unmanageable side effects. Some women just want to know that they're doing all they can to manage their condition naturally.

The amazing thing about PCOS is that it can respond really well to holistic care; good food, the right movement and a little help from nutrition and herbal medicine. I started this meetup to help women utilise these natural remedies to manage their PCOS, either alongside their medication or as a standalone treatment. I believe every woman with PCOS deserves this support.

For our first meetup, we're going to get a really clear understanding of how PCOS works, how to get a proper diagnosis, what our options are for conventional treatment, and how we can support our bodies naturally to manage symptoms.

I'm going to answer some questions that I’m often asked by women with PCOS, including:

* Will I be able to have kids in the future?
* How do I distinguish PCOS from other hormonal conditions with similar symptoms?
* Why can't I rely on an ultrasound to diagnosis PCOS?
* What kinds of questions should I ask my doctor?
* I've been prescribed medications to treat my PCOS. How do they work and what should I be aware of?
* Will going on the pill fix my PCOS?
* What are the best ways to support my body naturally?

6pm: Welcome and mingling
6.15pm: Presentation
7pm: Discussion and questions

Bring along:
- all your questions about PCOS
- an open mind
- a notepad and a pen