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The ManKind Project (MKP) New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) is one of the most recognised and respected modern initiation experiences for men in the world. It is an incredibly profound and powerful weekend of sacred rites, processes, support, training and growth. It provides men an opportunity to look deep into themselves to see what's real, an opportunity for men to grow into personal leadership and a powerful role model. An opportunity for men to reconnect with the warrior who lives and breathes within everything and underneath everything they are. Everything they do.

This training, and subsequent weekly men’s group meetings are run through a global non-for-profit organisation called The Mankind Project. The organisation supports men to wake up, grow up and show up. To build healthy male role models worldwide, by changing one man at a time.

Am I Ready?

We do not recommend this training for every man. We urge you not to apply to this program without serious forethought, and not to enrol simply at the urging of a spouse or friend.
To participate in this training, you must be in reasonably good physical condition, and willing to face the prospect of transformative change in your life. You must be highly committed to your life, and ready to participate fully in all training activities, many of which encourage you to take a hard look at yourself, your deepest fears, your wounds from the past, and how you are willing to learn what you can do to take control of and improve your life. We choose to work only with men who are ready, and willing to do this initiatory work with us.

Is the NWTA for Every Man?

No. This training is not intended for men with active mental health issues that might lead to self harming or violent behaviors. Please seek professional mental health counseling. If you have been involved in ongoing treatment, talk to your provider about whether an intense men’s weekend could be valuable to you. Involvement with the ManKind Project is often recognized to have positive effects for men in recovery from chemical addictions or a history of addictive behavior. Talk to your sponsor. If you are actively using, we do not recommend the New Warrior Training Adventure.

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