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Meditation4All will conduct regular group meditation sessions for people who are interested in practicing meditation, who are curious and to experienced meditators who would like to practice in a group setting.

One to One Meditation, Sound therapy, Energy healing, life coaching/ spiritual mentorship therapy sessions are also available.

[b]1.This space will allow others to learn about meditational and other spiritual practices and how it can be used to discover oneself.

2. This space will allow others to share meditational practices, experiences, and insights.

3.This space will be used to promote 121 therapy services for meditation, sound therapy, life coaching/spiritual mentorship, energy healing (reiki) and self inquiry.



For further info;

website: http://meditation4all.co.uk

Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Meditation-4-all/329623403756600)

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/meditation4alluk

Email: Meditation4all@live.co.uk



Upcoming events (2)

Meditation & Sound Bath 1 hr 30 Min Meditation with Gongs, Singing Bowls &

Friends Meetimg House

GBP 10.00

Experience the power of healing sounds and meditation, in our unique blend of guided meditation with Sound . This is a 1 hr 30 min event and will lead you into a deep state of relaxation and meditation. Experience a live soundbath with a full set up of 3 mesmerising gongs, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, Shammanic drumming, stringed instruments, wind chimes, ocean drum and much more.. The sound will be blended with a unique guided meditation to take you deep within yourself. The guided meditation stems from the yogic philosophy of the 5 layers of oneself. These layers are the physical , energetic, mental, wisdom and bliss or being. You will be guided on a meditation to access these layers one by one. The guided meditation into these layers will be complemented with instrumental sound. Specific instruments will be played in specific ways to tune you into these dimensions of oneself. This will be a deeply healing, transformative, insightful, enlightening and relaxing journey into yourself. There is a limited number for this event, so please rsvp early on!! There is a fee of £10 which has to be paid before the event ( in person, paypal or bacs). Refunds will be given if notice is given 12 hours before the event. You may sit on the chairs provided or on the floor. Some of you may wish to lie on the floor by bringing a mat, blanket and/or pillow with you. Relax and be immersed in the sounds. These sessions are run monthly in this format Here is an example of a past soundscape meditation. https://youtu.be/YOJy4IUDv-Y This will be held at the Friends meeting house, Queens Rd, Leicester. There will be a display of crystal bowls and Metal singing bowls which will be available for sale on the day. Please change your rsvp if you cannot attend so others can attend. Please email.me if you are on the waitlist or need any info. My number is[masked] or you can email me at [masked] One to One Meditation, Sound therapy, Energy healing, life coaching/ spiritual mentorship therapy sessions are also available.

Energy Healing With Sound Bath & Reiki (Small group)

Friends Meetimg House

GBP 8.00

Due to the popularity of the Sound Bath event, I will be running a smaller Sound Bath with reiki and guided healing meditations. This will be limited to 12 people, as i wish to work more individually with people. This will be a smaller group event and also will include elements of reiki healing. Reiki is nothing but a Japanese energy healing system. Similar to the healing energy which you receive from the sound bath. In this event, i will be using a mix of reiki healing and sound to create a healing and transformative energetic space. Reiki Healing will be used off the body (no touch) and I will sense any energy blockages and channel reiki energy with the use of sound to release these energies. Everyone will get an experience of Reiki Healing. This event is for 1 hour . You are welcome to stay. Please bring a mat, blanket and cushions. You can also sit on the chair, if you don;t wish to lie down. I will be bringing one larger gong, smaller gong, drum, crystal and metal singing bowls, wind chimes and ocean drum on the day. Payment required through paypal or bank transfer before event. Message me on[masked] if you have difficulties. Refund available if before 12hrs of event, if not can get credit for next event.

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