Radical Gratitude Playshop - Create Health, Healing + Happiness

What we'll do

– A day long journey of meditation, healing, transformation and awakening –

The Radical Gratitude Playshop combines psychological techniques, self-enquiry and the latest science to create an integrated learning and awakening experience in a fun, open and light-hearted environment. Engaging the whole human being this is an experience for anyone wishing to grow and evolve. Participants report becoming happier within the self experience, deepening awareness of what we are beyond the self, healing relationships and emotional blockages and discovering both greater clarity around their life purpose and capacity and confidence to fulfil it.

'Science-based secrets for allowing Love, Healing and Your Heart's Desires'

Ultimately, 'Radical Gratitude' is an expression of, and invitation to, the realization that there is nothing but perfection unfolding, nothing that is not awakening happening, nothing that is not the perfect Love of infinite intelligence, nothing that is apart from this pure awareness we are. In this we bring heaven to earth as we realize we are Christ Consciousness, we are Buddha nature, we are the One noticing itself as such, enjoying the imperturbable peace, causeless joy and unconditional Love this brings. Let's Play!

Attendees can expect :

• insight into perceived issues or problems.
• a taste of life free from suffering; a sense of what complete freedom might look like.
• greater clarity on why we are here and what we truly are.
tools, practices and perspectives to bring forth these insights into everyday life and transform the quality of our experience.
• a deepening of appreciation, awe and wonder in being alive.
• a developed sense of purpose and possibility.
• a knowing of yourself as a co-creative energetic being.
• a group field which will enhance your being simply by connecting with it.
• fun and laughter :-)

Tickets: $150 or $125 earlybird or $250/pair

➠ Enquiries and Bookings call Will on:[masked] or by email: will (at) willpye (dot) com


I attended a one day Playshop with Will and a group in Venice, CA. Will did a beautiful job leading people through a powerful and personal process. The material was very accessible and Will has a gentle energy and heart that speaks clearly and directly to participants. The exercises were brilliant and enlightening. I had 3 intentions coming in and each was able to be processed. I came away with a lot of clarity. And a deep respect for Will as a person and spiritual leader. He is wise, sincere, and awake. I have read much of his book and find it similarly grounded and inspiring.

– Dr. John Shindler. Author of the Transformative Classroom and School Series, CA.

I just wanted to thank you for today. It was such a beautiful, loving reminder of the grace of everything. Your presence and willingness to hold everything that arises in the heart is such a brilliant pointer back to the Heart. Thank you. There was much heart-opening today into the awareness of when the attention is in the mind and when it it in THAT ‘space.’ Thank you for offering the space for that lesson of authenticity to take place. I’d recommend this Playshop to anyone who feels the desire to open their heart wide and shift their perspective on their world. Indeed, a Radical Gratitude! Much, much love to you.”

– Nicole K. Miller, Teacher, Founder of The Un-Storied Self, New York.

➠ Enquiries and Bookings call Will on:[masked] or by email: will (at) willpye (dot) com

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