Qualitative and quantitative text analysis in R

What we'll do

Research is often divided between qualitative and quantitative approaches. This joint presentation will discuss two distinctively different methods to analyse text.

Peter Prevos discusses computer-assisted qualitative data analysis. In this approach, the researcher manually analyses the text. Peter will discuss how to use the RQDA package and grounded theory to investigate a corpus of journal abstracts.

Maria Prokofieva will focus on an alternative, more quantitative oriented approache to analyse text. She will discuss analysis of social media data using a range of packages, including tidytext, tm and quanteda packages.
The presentation will equip the participants with an array of various techniques that fall within the text analytics domain and will support the discussion with practical examples from research and industry.

We have a new sponsor and host for this event, Elliza, who's providing the venue and catering, many thanks!! https://eliiza.com.au/about/

Rough agenda:
5:45 Food & drinks
6:15 First presentation - Peter Prevos
6:45 Second presentation - Maria Prokofieva
7:15 Joint Q&A
7:45 More networking
8:00 Close

About the speakers:

Peter Prevos is a civil engineer and social scientist who dabbles in theatrical magic. Peter has almost three decades of experience as a water engineer and manager, working in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. He has worked on marine engineering, drinking water and sewage treatment projects. Throughout his career analyzing data has been a central theme. He is currently responsible for developing and implementing the data science strategy for a water utility in regional Australia.

Maria Prokofieva is a senior lecturer at Business School, Victoria University, Australia. She has a degree in IT, linguistics and business. Her area of interest is the use of data science in business applications with a particular focus on social media analytics. Maria has published in top IT and business journals and is an active member of the R community and R-Ladies, Melbourne. She has recently attended UseR2019 conference in Toulouse where she presented a workshop on social media analytics.