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I am looking to start a group of people who have been in contact with aliens, either as a contactee, abductee or channeller of galactic and/or high level entities. If you fit into one of these three categories, you will know instantly to what I refer. The contact doesn’t have to be in the physical sense of the word but rather in contact with their energies etc. I am an alien contactee and channeller and have had countless experiences with these energies. I know I am not the only contactee in the Melbourne area and this is a call out to others who are going through the same or similar processes as I. This will be a group to discuss our experiences and other associated topics. I expect the group to be very limited and discrete. If you feel that you would fit into the Melbourne Contactees group then please join in to discover what others have been experiencing as well as providing your own input. However if you are a curious onlooker or a UFO sky gazer, I ask that you kindly refrain from contacting this group.

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