August Edition, Melbourne Data Engineering meetup

What we'll do

Our August edition of the Melbourne Data Engineering Meetup will be a monster event with 3 exciting speakers! This month we are very lucky to have Claire Carrol from Fishtown Analytics, Keshav Murthy from Latitude Financial Services and Mahdi Askari from DataBricks.

Microsoft have kindly offered to host us at their offices.

🍕Food and Drink: Microsoft
🏠Venue: Microsoft Freshwater Place

🎤 Claire Carroll - Community Manager, Fishtown Analytics (DBT)
Data engineers shouldn’t write DDL
Writing DDL to transform data in a warehouse is usually considered within the domain of a data engineer. In this talk I’ll talk through why this task is always more complex than it seems, and how you can avoid it altogether. I’ll also discuss the other changes in the data stack that are contributing to a changing role of a data engineer, and where I see this role heading in the future.

🎤 Keshav Murthy - Principal Data Engineer, Latitude Financial Services
3 Factor data pipelines using Apache Airflow
In this talk you will learn how Airflow is used @ Latitude to build data pipelines with 3 important factors; Security, Correctness and Speed.
Keshav Murthy is a veteran Engineer who has worked in 3 different continents over 23 years. His areas of experience include, Low latency distributed systems, Information Retrieval and NLP. When he is not swearing at his computer, he punishes his body by trail running and mountain hiking

🎤 Mahdi Askari - Field Engineering A/NZ, DataBricks
Making Apache Spark Better with Delta Lake
Apache Spark™ is the dominant processing framework for big data. Delta Lake adds reliability to Spark so your analytics and machine learning initiatives have ready access to quality, reliable data. This webinar covers the use of Delta Lake to enhance data reliability for Spark environments.

As always, if you are interested in hosting, sponsoring or speaking in future feel free to reach out through this group or to nfhanssens at hotmail dot com.

Doors to open at 6pm - see you there!