Do Not Train Your Dog - How To Teach Your Dog Through Affection, Praise And Play

Melbourne Dog Walkers
Melbourne Dog Walkers
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O'Connell Reserve

Yarra River End of Bridge Road · Richmond

How to find us

In one of the Rotundas in the Reserve at 653-659 Bridge Rd, Richmond. If you cannot find us then telephone me - 0499 049325. This is a free event.

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What we'll do

This is a talk and demonstration with dogs about the natural behaviour of dogs from the day they are born to the day they die of old age.

Includes, how to adopt or buy a dog, if you do not already have one.

How to relate to dogs as one intelligent being to another.

How to introduce yourself to dogs the way dogs naturally do.

How to make friends with dogs the way dogs naturally do.

How to get your dog to come when you call with just 5 minutes of natural interaction.

How I house-trained my Beagles in less than 2 days.

And, the effect lasted a life-time.

I have had four generations of Beagles.

I bought my first Beagle when she was a 5 years old, retired show Beagle. And, then bred her daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

So I have experience with dogs from the cradle to the grave.

We used to walk off-lead, almost every day, around the inner-suburbs of Melbourne.

Including along Bridge Road, Richmond.

Naturally, dogs do not use "obedience", "dominance", "operant conditioning", intimidation, choker chains, head halters, shock collars, crates, clickers, . . .

Or, even food rewards.

And, neither do I.

But, incompetent dog trainers do.

Naturally, dogs co-operate, not dominate.

Naturally, dogs want to belong, not to take over.

Naturally, dogs learn through playing with, and copying, other dogs, and people, as well as thinking things out for themselves.

I teach dogs as one intelligent being to another.

If only abusive, rote-learning, "drill sergeant", dog trainers would do the same.

You can bring your friends and dogs.

Hope to see you there.