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I'm endeavouring to raise awareness of how you can use nutrition and other alternative means to recover from Bulimia.

I know the world of medicine says that Bulimia is a mental health disorder and I've spent many many hours on the therapist's couch.

Many Bulimics suffer for many years and I was no exception with barely a day in 30 years without cravings and binging.

Eventually I stumbled on to some food combinations and supplements that virtually obliterated my cravings. I couldn't believe it. Of course the whole solution to recover my health wasn't by any means simple and involved more than dietary changes and it was all sourced outside of the mainstream. Now I'd like to help others recover their joy for life in much less time than it took me!

I'd like to meet/phone/Skype so send me a message if you're interested.

Peace and freedom from the urge to binge IS possible - in fact you won't believe how easy it can be!

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