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Got a business idea you want to launch? Stuck at a crossroads in your career and life? Lacking clarity and direction?

You’re in the right place! I’m here to give you effective tools, strategies, self belief and confidence to make it happen.

After completing a Bachelor of Business and spending the better part of a decade working in Human Resource Management, I began to feel unfulfilled. I was lacking passion, motivation and was disillusioned with my career path. I felt lost. How could this be? I was in a secure and well-paying job with holiday and sick pay. I had everything I was lead to believe I wanted. I was masking my pain from others, while inside I knew I was on a road to depression.

This is where I learnt an important lesson. My values weren’t congruent with how I was living my life, and the only thing that could bring me closer to feeling at peace was to make a choice. I made a decision and took action to change my circumstances. I considered what my passions were – the things that lit me up, the things I enjoyed and could create a potential living from. The 3 big themes were health and fitness, people, and business. I didn’t want to go back to school or undertake more formal education. I wanted to get out there and just do it.

After some research and planning, I felt like I could combine these passions into a health based café business. Despite the café and restaurant industry in Melbourne being one of the most ruthless, and despite having no experience in cafes or running a business, I was determined and confident I could succeed. I quit my job and changed the trajectory of my life forever. As a result of going in with eyes wide open, applying discipline, focus and a relentless work ethic – I did it. I created and ran a successful and profitable business against all odds and advice. It fast became one of the most popular cafes in Melbourne’s West. The sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is indescribable.

However, it wasn’t just about the profits. It was even more. It was about what I learnt in the process, who I became and the people I attracted and built relationships with. I was working countless more hours for considerably less pay than in my corporate career, but I felt like I was finally in tune. I closed the gap between who I was being and who I needed to be. This is something I am now passionate about sharing with and creating for my clients.

Through my experience, I have now made it my mission to help others achieve success on their terms. To redefine what success is for themselves. To be the person I would have wanted in my life when I was feeling lost and needing direction, structure and clarity. Whether you’re looking to improve the efficiency and profitability of your small business, establish effective habits and behaviours to reach your health and wellbeing goals, or looking for guidance in your career, I can help. I’ve been there, I’ve done it, and I want you to join me. What would it mean for you to define and achieve your success? Join me and take the first step towards the change you want right now.

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