F-Enders August Relaunch!

The Melbourne F-Enders: Front End Mastery
The Melbourne F-Enders: Front End Mastery
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31 Queen St · Melbourne

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What we'll do

Hi F-Enders!

It's been a while since we had our last gathering, but get ready for a relaunch next month!

We've got a lineup of great speakers who love sharing their FE knowledge to the community.

We've got a couple of surprises up our sleeves to celebrate this relaunch too, so don't miss out!


MATT YAO: Get Web Specialist certified!

You've noticed all these different cloud certifications, but working in web development, you might ask yourself: How can I stand out and get certified as a web specialist?

Google introduced the Mobile Web Specialist Certification for YOU! In this talk, Matt will walk through the following questions with you:
• What’s it even about?
• What you are going to learn to be certified by Google?
• What’s the exam like?
• What benefits you are expecting to achieve by the end?

And hopefully, it helps direct you to your next milestone!

GLEN MADDERN: Frontend Application Bundles: the Docker of Frontend

Frontend apps are on the cusp of a revolution—React is about to launch a streaming server renderer that massively improves performance on both low-end and high-end devices. It's a new dawn for performance & accessibility, but raises another question? How should we host the server component? Can we do that without vendor lock-in?

Enter FABs, a portable, compact, immutable, server-side JS format that lets you deploy anything from static sites or Next.js to full custom server-rendered React apps anywhere that can run JS, like Cloudflare Workers, Lambda@Edge, Now, etc. Come check it out!

DAN PRAGER: Four developer-centric disciplines for raising software quality (now with extra randomness)

Manual testing and even simple automated tests are no match for today's software quality challenges. No single approach suffices!

In this whirlwind talk Dan will introduces four powerful and complementary approaches for lifting the quality of your software design, implementation, and automated testing: Test Driven Design/Development, Golden Master Testing, Design by Contract and Property Based Testing.

Prepare for an awesome evening of knowledge sharing, networking and good food and drinks!