Enjoy free meditation sessions in South Morang

What we'll do

- This event is ongoing, every Monday evening -

True meditation is best understood as a state of mental silence or ‘thoughtless awareness’ in which one is fully alert and aware but free of the unnecessary thoughts or worries that lead to many of life’s day to day stresses.
Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a method of true meditation which awakens the state of thoughtless awareness through Self-Realisation.
Sahaja Yoga is based on the ancient technique of Patanjali Yoga and adapted to make it simpler for us to utilize in modern times. Above all, it's free for everybody.
Please join us for the sessions in Riverside Community Activity Centre.
Try the guided meditation and you will feel relaxed and refreshed. The simple techniques of Sahaja Yoga Meditation you will be learning will allow you to unwind wherever you are and whenever you want.

No special clothes or equipment needed.

Free and without any obligation.

Experience the inner peace and bring your friends along.


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