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Board and Buddy Lotto - $5 Entry
Did you know that one of the best ways to break the ice with someone new is over a board game? There's no need for small talk as you're sharing an activity. There's no fear of being left out of the conversation as you're all in it together. It's also a lot easier than joining a larger group and trying to find the people that you click with. The best part is, it's a fun activity shared and hopefully you'll have a few laughs along the way! If you're interested in meeting new people, particularly if you're a little shy or not very confident and you're not particularly into football (Grand Final Day), this is the event for you! HOW THIS IS GOING TO WORK: * When you pay your $5 (cash only please) you'll receive a number. That same number will also be given to another attendee at random. This attendee will become your board game buddy. * Once all attendees have arrived, the numbers will be drawn out of a 'hat' lotto style, along with the names of the games that you'll be playing. Two numbers per game. This means that you and your buddy will be grouped up with another pair of buddies to play a randomly selected game. * After the first round has finished the process will repeat which means you and your buddy will get to play a different game with a different pair of attendees. * For round three you should be familiar with several attendees so we'll have a bit of a free-for-all. You'll be free to choose what game you want to play and who you want to play it with. We'll even bring out some games that will play up to eight players so that you'll have a chance to engage with a larger group of people. Not only are the games that we've selected pretty easy and engaging, you'll also be taught how to play by one of our hosts. So don't stress if you're not experienced at board games, there won't be any fear of feeling stupid in front of new people. The games will also be fairly quick, so you should get through each one in about an hour. After all, friends don't let friends play Monopoly! Once you've finished a game, at any stage you can order yourself a coffee (or whatever other hot beverage you fancy) from the cafe and have a chat with your new friends and anyone else who has finished up their game. Your 5$ entry fee will cover you for as many cuppas as you like. This event will be running through multiple channels so we should get a pretty broad range of attendees. This is also an adults only event and is for adults to meet and interact with each other so please don't bring your children. Friends and partners are welcome but you probably won't be playing with each other. This event is after all about breaking the ice with new people! FINDING US: Urbanlife Community Centre is the grey building between Midway Arcade (yellow building) and L J Hooker (black building) opposite Ringwood Train Station. We'll put a 'Meetup' sign on the door. PARKING: There's free parking at Ringwood railway station but you'll have to come early to get a spot. Seymour St. car park on the corner of Seymour and Ringwood Streets offers cheap rates and is free after 12pm on a Saturday. There's also lots of parking underneath Eastland. The first three hours is free but after that you're going to have to pay. Still great value for a day of entertainment! Parking rates can be found here: TRAINS: Take either a Lilydale or Belgrave train and get off at Ringwood. Cross Maroondah Hwy towards the gigantic white cheese grater, turn left before you enter the town square. If you hit Ringwood St you've gone too far!

Urbanlife Community Centre

143 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood · Melbourne


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What we're about

Hi, I hope you like the idea of meeting new people! Because here they are :)

This group is for everyone regardless of age and sexual orientation.

This better approach to meeting people is in part meeting people in person, and part online.

Please read the information below before contacting anyone within the Meetup group.

You will need to attend the events if you wish to contact people that go to these events.

Please invite your friends to join. We need high numbers to make this work for everyone! Please also like our page to draw more people to our events! Facebook Friendly Connections. We also run online discussions on our Facebook Group so that you can chat about our events before you meet at the events.

From one of our members:

"I wanted to say a big thank you for running such a lovely group and being a great host. That's not my main reason for sending you this message. It is because exactly one month ago I met my beautiful girlfriend Amy Liu at the event you organised. And things are going well for us! This wouldn't have happened if you hadn't organised the event, made us feel welcome, and even introduced us! Just thought that you should know that you're doing a great job of bringing people together. Keep up the good work!"

Here's the basics about how these events run, then in more detail below:

• Meet everyone at the event, but do not ask to go on dates or get phone numbers. Friends only at this stage! Please talk to everyone, not just one or two people.

• When you get home, contact anyone that you liked, by sending him/her a simple basic message via Meetup messaging service (top right - talking bubble icon, or click on the person to chat to). See below for a good messages to send.

• Reply to ALL messages sent to you within 2 days.

• NEW: OR, once the event has been running for 3 hours, you are then allowed to swap phone numbers etc., if you are hitting it off. Therefore, if the event began at 6pm, then from 9pm you are allowed to become more than friends. This allows everyone to chat and get to know each other without any pressure at the start of the night.


So now the why:

Well, if you've tried online dating there are negatives and positives:

Positive: You do not have to reject a person face to face.

Positive: You can learn about people before deciding if you want to go out on a date.

Negative: You can't learn about someone from a few bad pictures and random written facts.

Negative: It's too easy to be brushed aside among so many other people.

If you've tried singles events there are negatives and positives:

Positive: You can see what a person is like in real life.

Positive: You can talk to the person straight away without waiting. Which is better than a person not replying at all if it was online.

Negative: You first of all need to build up the courage to talk to someone while knowing that they know you are hitting on them and then also wondering if all they want to do is get rid of you (did you follow that confusing bit of information?)

Negative: You feel like a piece of meat in a gawking contest.

This new system will allow you to meet people in a social gathering without anyone actually having to strike up a conversation that leads to a date. In fact, it is strictly not allowed to "pick anyone up". That's right, when you are talking to the guys and girls at these friendly get-togethers, you are not allowed to ask/request a date, or swap phone numbers, or even go out for coffee after the event. That part is all done later, and online.

This unique idea then allows people to chat and be friendly at these events without worrying about being picked up, and without worrying about picking up. This is a social gathering to show that you are a real person that can talk and that you are better than your profile description and photo. This will also make your dating much easier.


After the event has been running for 3 hours, you are allowed to swap numbers, etc.


Later when you get home, you can send a message to a someone that you liked, and do this via Meetup personal messages. Note, you must keep to this basic message: "Hi, I really enjoyed the event today and thought you were great. If you would like to catch up for a cuppa or drink, let me know."

You can change this slightly depending on whether you spoke about something in particular to the person, and also include the person's name etc., but please do not change it a lot. Therefore, "You're hot, let's get it on", is a definite no no. Or, "I liked your legs, and now I would like to see the rest of you", is also not ok. Even, "Your lips were so perfect, all I wanted to do was kiss them", is also not ok.

Why? Because some people will find that too confronting. This is supposed to be a system where everyone can get along. Some people enjoy that kind of talk, others do not. Once you get a person's phone number or Facebook account (depending on how you both want to communicate), you can chat anyway you wish. For this system to work, you'll need to respect other people's level of intimacy.


A response to a message sent to you must be replied to. You are not allowed to leave people hanging out to dry. This is approximately the message you need to reply with.

If, yes: "Hi, I think a catchup with you would be great. Here's my number". (If you prefer to stay on Meetup and not give out your number, that's ok. You can also use Facebook and WhatsApp if you like.

If, no: "Hi, thanks for getting in contact. I'm happy to chat with you again at other events as friends, but I don't wish to pursue anything romantic. Thanks anyway". If you receive this kind of reply, please do not send another message and ask why not, or bug the person with another request. No means no people!

If, no because you have already lined up a date with someone else: "Hi, thanks for getting in contact. I'm already going on a date with someone from the event. If it doesn't work out I'll get back to you shortly".

If any rules are broken, there will be no first warning, you will be deleted from the group for three months. You may then contact this Meetup group again and ask to join again. I know that's harsh, but to make this an environment where everyone feels safe, I think it is important.

Please report messages that do not mostly conform to the above.

Please report people that do not reply to your message within 48 hours (approx 2 days) to your message.

Please report people that try to ask/request a date at an event.

Please report any behaviour that is anti-social.

There will be a cost for the event. This will then be partly paid back to you in drinks and/or food. The rest will go toward paying the fees to, and paying for any printed items as required.

More happy people who attended events:

"Aakriti GoelGood event, was good meeting people :)"
"RichardThank you Mat, a very well organized function. Enjoyed "
"Michael ScolloThanks Mat. Had a good time."
"MehulThanks Mat for a great Sunday afternoon."
"SimarThanks Mat for a great avo"
"Liza thoppIt was nice to meet you all. Thanks for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon!"
"JacintaThanks Mat for organizing a fun afternoon."
"ArlThanks Mat for putting together a wonderful event and thanks to all the friendly people too."
"JillThanks for a great afternoon. Great people, great atmosphere, and prefect venue. Look forward to reconnecting with people at a future event"
"Kym BinneyThanks for a lovely afternoon , I met some great people and look forward to our next catch up :)"

"Jill"Hi Mat. Thanks for organising a great afternoon yesterday .
"Stephen Zammit"Hey Mat, just wanted to say thanks for organising yesterday. It was one of the better meet ups I have been to. Very well organised by you with lots of entertainment and great location. The group that attended was also very friendly and great. Great afternoon, look forward to the next one for sure.
"Bronwyn"Thanks Mat, great event with an awesome group of people. Great to meet those of you who I managed to chat to, look forward to the next event and meeting more great peeps ????
"Canice"Thanks Matt for organising this event, I didn't know what to expect but it was really chilled with a no pressure atmosphere, looking forward to the next one. Thanks again.
"Amanda"Awesome bunch of people everyone willing to chat to everyone. Nice group of people

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