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This is Part 1: Melbourne Friendly Connections

Feeling bored? Stuck at home? Nowhere to go? Maybe you're just not quite confident enough to get out there and meet new people yet? Tonight's your night! Ignore the map, this part of the event will take place in the comfort and security of the place of your choosing on your trusty device or PC. Come join our private Facebook group and chat to the people that you can meet at the upcoming event. We'll chat about all manner of things, from relationships & singles, social events, your hobbies, or even what you had for breakfast! Whether you're looking to make friends, meet that someone special or you're just after a bit of company on a lonely night there'll be someone who wants to talk to YOU! Make sure your profile is up to date and you have a good photo so people can contact the real you.

Emma generally runs these groups with help from others such as Mat Clarke. However, she is taking a long earned break. Now it's up to you all to step up to the plate and be friendly to everyone so they get involved :)

To join, just click on the link below and request to join the group. There are a few quick questions to answer just so we know that you're in Melbourne and you are who you say you are. Once you're in the Facebook group make sure you read the 'pinned post' so that you know what is expected behaviour-wise.

Go here: ----->

If you want to be part of the discussion you will need to join our facebook group. If you don't answer all the questions you will not be approved. If you only joined Facebook recently, then you need to tell us so, otherwise we will think it is a fake profile.

You must be over the age of 18 to participate in the Facebook chat, however you are more than welcome to bring your children when we eventually meet in person provided they remain under your supervision.

The option to chat to people will be open on occasion. However, feel free to chat anytime without our moderators there with you.


Later Part 2:

Now that the ice is broken it's time to meet in person!

'Friendly Connections Part 2' is where you meet everyone. Come along to our "Meet someone new" events running most Sundays as well as our other random fun day or night outs.

Part 2 will also be run as a separate event, so in case your circumstances change and you need to change your RSVP. If you are planning on joining us at our 'Friendly Connections' face-to-face meet please RSVP to both events so we know how many to expect on the day!


Don't forget that Melbourne Friendly Socials has other other face-to-face events and activities happening around Melbourne that are completely separate from our Facebook group. Make sure you check out our events calendar to see what's happening!