What we're about

Healthy Communicators is people with a passion for communication, specifically health communication.

We think it’s crucial to our society to get communication about health right. We don’t want people to be confused, turned off or frightened by health messages. Communicating about things like healthy eating, physical activity, child development, mental health, family violence, gambling and chronic diseases can be unbelievably tricky. After all, health literacy in Australia is poor (http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/Latestproducts/4233.0Main%20Features22006?opendocument&tabname=Summary&prodno=4233.0&issue=2006&num=&view=%22%20target=%22_blank) and there's a lot of noise out there to cut through, which makes delivering effective health messages an uphill challenge.

It can also be really hard to gauge the effect we’re actually having. Did that Facebook campaign asking people to log their daily steps work? Did those text messages reminding Dads to engage with their children instead of their iPhones in the playground make a difference? What about the tooth decay infographic created for schools to distribute in their e-newsletters – hit or miss?

How often do we get together to share information about what worked, what didn’t, what’s coming up and why this is important?

This meetup is for professionals working in public health, research, health communication, knowledge translation, content production and related areas. We’d like to keep it pretty informal and meet every couple of months to share experiences and learn from each other, perhaps even listen to the odd guest speaker.

No membership, no pressure, no dress code. Just a gathering with a common theme a few times a year to learn from each other, meet some new people and share stories and ideas.

We think it would be great to have an opportunity to network with others who are involved in health communication and talk about the challenges and opportunities of health communication in Australia and beyond.

Find us on Twitter @_HealthyComms or email us at healthycommunicators@gmail.com

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