What we're about

This meetup is about performing and feeling better in every aspect of life.

At regular events, we’ll discuss, explore and share the latest health optimisation insights, developments, tools and technologies.

We cover every piece of the health and performance puzzle. From 'proper' nutrition, sleep optimisation, the ‘right’ supplements, nootropics, biofeedback, meditation, neurofeedback – and more. If it can improve performance, we’ll explore it.

Just starting your optimisation journey? This is the perfect place to get a jumpstart.

Already optimising your performance? Share and discover new breakthroughs.

Whether you’re a biohacker, executive or entrepreneur looking for an edge, or simply want to have more energy and perform at your peak, this meetup is for you.

If you live in or near Melbourne, join the group, come along and meet new friends, share your story, and continue to learn through experimentation.

We’re an open, welcoming and inspired social circle focused on upgrading our bodies, minds and lives.

Join today, and let’s work together to reach our full human potential.

See you soon!

Want more info? Reach out and get in touch – we’d love to connect.

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