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Off-Grid Living Festival - Eldorado Victoria

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Just want to let everyone know about a one day event on off-grid living. If this is something you are interested in or curious about, then this one day event is for you.

I'm definitely going and as we get closer to 28th April, 2018, I'll post information on how we can meet up and get there. Bit hard to make firm plans about that right now.

There's early bird tickets going on sale in a few weeks and there's a limited amount. Tickets are $12 and as time progresses will increase to $20. Here is more information about it on their facebook page. Register so that you can be notified when tickets go on sale.

If you think you are interested, please indicate by clicking that you are going as it gives me a rough idea of how many are interested. You are welcome to bring as many friends as you want but don't forget to organise a ticket for them. Please note that there is a limit to the number of people who can go to this event due to the size of the venue it is being held at.



Just a follow up with more information about this meetup which is coming up soon on Saturday 28th April, 2018.

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of ideas on homesteading and living off the grid. Even if you don't plan on being 100% off the grid, the information and ideas can be incorporated into all types of homes and living styles.

Best to buy your ticket off the web as it's discounted and here is the link:

Also you can read information on how to get there and accommodation options. There are going to be workshops and short talks on all types of things... here's a small selection of the topics that may interest you:

* Leathercraft work
* Cultured butter making
* Fermenting Medicines - kombucha
* Adobe building
* Vertical gardening
* Vedic shirtmaking
* Making flower essences

Short talks on:
* Bees
* Off-grid living and travelling
* Applicances in an off-grid situation
* Salt water power cells
* Natural building
* Micro business in unique edibles

Demonstrations on using sun ovens, hot water systems, refrigeration, DIY solar, gravity lights, composting solutions, wind turbines and batteries, worm farm for waste systems and a lot more.

Discussions on natural building using hemp, earthshacks, yurts, strawbale building as well as topics on alternative farming ideas and raising animals.
Live music and lots of food and drinks for you to buy and try. Great fun and learning opportunity for children and lots of activities for them to participate in.

I will put up a sign saying "Melbourne Intentional Community Meetup" and it will probably be somewhere near where most of the food is located. So if you want to stop for lunch or a quick break throughout the day, then come over to that sign and meet up with other members hanging around there and say hello and have a chat.