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Manifest Your Soulmate- Weekend Program
Hi Abrahamsters, I am thrilled to share that I am running the Weekend course "Manifest your Soulmate" again on 21-22nd July. If you are wanting to manifest your partner, this course could help you move a lot closer to bringing him or her into your world. What is included ? - Two full days shifting your mindset (includes clearing blocks and beliefs and then a huge focus on lifting your vibration) and creating what you are wanting. - Follow up 30 minute 1:1 coaching session - Opportunity to join online community to support you after the program. - Morning and afternoon tea on both days will be provided. To book, please go to Prices are listed there too. Below is the brief I have sent out. Have a great afternoon, Deb x For many years I wondered how and when I would find “him”. I had been quite optimistic in my 20’s, but by my 30’s I started to question what it was that was stopping me finding my Mr Right; the man who lit up my soul, the man who was always by my side. By the time I reached my 30’s, my younger brother had tied the knot and they had already popped out a couple of kids. Most of my friends had also found their other half (ok truth is I strongly dislike that term. We are all whole!) I had been searching long and hard for him. Get out there and “Create Opportunities” was my mantra. I had tried online dating, some setups instigated by family members (how tough is that), some self-instigated, and speed dating. I even tried spiritual speed dating as I thought this would bring about the right type of man for me. For reasons I couldn't see at the time, I was always in and out of relationships, on the tumultuous roller coaster some call love. It was really hard work. Deep down I knew I was a pretty good catch. So where was he? Was it something I was doing, was I too fussy, too judgemental, or was it the men I was dating? Like most women, I had a list. This man had to be loving, definitely caring, obviously supportive, preferably sexy, funny…yes, the list went on...and on, three pages infact, I kid you not. I included everything I was looking for, no stones were left unturned. It was my forever I was planning. Life was actually pretty good. However, there was a part of me that continued to wonder "when is it going to happen for me?" "Will it happen for me?" At 38, I wondered if it was my destiny to be alone. I KNEW SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE!! I was drawn to Law of Attraction. Not the Secret version, where you wish for a car and it instantaneously turns up, but the step by step guide to applying these universal laws and life changing principles. Initially I didn’t even believe it was possible. But what did I have to lose?’ I decided to jump in head first and drench myself in this knowledge and do EVERYTHING I could to turn my life around. And I did! I firstly healed from Chronic Fatigue (a whole separate conversation), reshaped my relationship with myself, let go of the need to be a taskmaster and started being super kind to myself. I then created my dream job, met and married the love of my life and at 41, gave birth to our first child. I have been facilitating workshops for over 20 years and love inspiring others to change their thoughts to then change their reality. So come along and: - Learn step by step how I created my dream relationship and life. - Identify and clear the beliefs and blocks in your way preventing you from creating the relationship you desire. - Watch as things you are wanting begin to easily and effortlessly come into fruition. It is sooo fun!!! Looking forward to two powerful days of creating! Love Deb x

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    We run evenings sharing the teachings of Abraham by Jerry and Esther Hicks, and have open group discussions on related learnings. We also incorporate the teachings of others such as Bashar, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, John Demartini and others.

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