Japanese/Riichi Mahjong (リーチ麻雀) at the Marché Board Game Café

What we'll do

**No experience required!** Players of all skill levels are welcome to join us at Marché Board Game Café in the CBD for a casual night of mahjong. We play Japanese/Riichi mahjong. You do not need to know how to speak Japanese!

**Riichi Mahjong has become very popular and we usually run out of space, so please RSVP to help us plan the event with the venue.**

**IMPORTANT** -- There is no charge to the event but if you intend to come, we have a special deal with the café that all you need to do is purchase any food or drink from the Marché menu. The full menu is available here: http://mbgcafe.com.au/menu/

**Rules for Japanese/Riichi Mahjong**
Please refer to book titled
Riichi Mahjong by Scott D. Miller.
*Games are Tonpuusen (East round only) with waiting players replacing the lowest scoring player at the end of each game. If there are no waiting players then the game can proceed to Hanchan (East and South rounds)
*Kuitan (open Tanyao) - Ari (allowed)
*Kuikae (swap calling) - Nashi (not allowed)
*Atozuke - Ari (claim a winning tile that gives yaku to a yakuless hand is allowed)
*Agari Yame - Ari (if the last dealer has top score, they can choose to end the game after one winning one hand)
*Double Ron - Yes (if two people win, both are paid. Riichi deposits go to the first winner.)
*Triple Ron - Reset.
*Open Riichi - Nashi (not allowed)
*Kan dora - for a closed kan, reveal immediately; otherwise, reveal after first discard.
*Aka dora - Ari (red 5s are in use)
*Nagashi Mangan - Ari (http://arcturus.su/wiki/Nagashi_mangan)
*Renhou - Yakuman (winning off a discard (ron) with a starting hand before the dealer gets a second turn or before any called tile)
*Daisharin - Nashi (http://arcturus.su/wiki/Daisharin)

We are currently trialing a rating system similar to the R-rating that Tenhou uses. Every player starts with a rating of 1000, and their score will increase or decrease according to their placing at the end of each game. Let us know if you would rather not be included in this rating system. You can view ratings here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jF2wZLc7WzjBMfhjqMZeghudK42F2Q8WYRR-7sgp3DY