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"Melbourne Meditation & Buddhist Meetup" is a social networking group supported by the Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV). Modern life can be stressful, some challenges include: - Our minds becoming hyper-active due to multiple social and work commitments. How do we calm down the 'monkey mind'? - Feeling overwhelmed when faced with critical life decisions. How do you navigate crossroads with applied wisdom? - Insecurities arising due to comparison between yourself and 'friends' on social media. How do you develop inner contentment instead? - Getting in touch and growing with other spiritually inclined individuals. After all, you're the average of your five closest friends right?

So if you're looking to explore how meditation and Buddhism can enrich your life, you're in the right place.

About Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV)

As the oldest Buddhist society within Victoria, we have an established network of authentic Buddhist monks and nuns across the world. During the course of the year, we invite them to share their insights on how Buddhism can be applied to daily life. Some monks include Ajahn Brahm, Bhante Buddharakkhita, Ayya Uppekkha and Sunim ChiKwang. You can view their talks on our Youtube channel:

Located in Carnegie, we provide a range of programs appealing to various age groups (young children, teenagers and young adults), as well as diverse interests (Buddhism for beginners, meditation for beginners, Sutta studies and meditation retreats). Do refer to our website for updates:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV) member to participate?
While we do encourage you to support BSV through registering as a member, you're welcomed to attend as a visitor for as long as you like.

I'm not a Buddhist, can I join?
Absolutely! We welcome all individuals, regardless of your religious background, beliefs and sexual orientation. Our goal is to help you cultivate peace and wisdom, there is no requirement to be a Buddhist.

How do I contact the BSV?
Call us our at office on (+61) 3 9571 6409 between 10am – 2pm on weekdays. Or email us at

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