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Mount Arapiles

The Pines campground or thereabouts · Natimuk

How to find us

Take the Western Highway towards Ballarat, head on past the big koala and drive on to Horsham. Take the road to Natimuk, drive past for 15 mins and enter Arapiles, take the road on the right until you hit the telephone box, turn left. Your'e there!

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What we'll do

Update ----This is where you book the campground, choose upper gums campground.

• What we'll do

This will be an open event catering to independent climbers, no instruction or training will be given. If you want to come along for a hike and explore the area please do.

This will be a two or three day outdoor fun fest, taking place at the world famous Mount Arapiles (at least for rock climbers), this will be a casual and independent event for people who want to get out and meet other people in this group either to either rock climb (if you have the necessary experience and equipment) or hike or hang around the pub and group campfire for a yarn and vino. Bring a puff jacket as it can get very chilly at night.

We'll setup a camp space on Friday with an appropriate fireplace (bring Firewood!) and use this as basecamp for adventures during the next 2 or 3 days. Mountain meetup members are welcome to rock up and use this as their HQ, although I suspect the campground will be mostly empty during the day with people busy exploring the area.

Natimuk, about 15 mins drive from Arapiles and the nearest town has a couple of great places to eat and relax, including the pub and cafe. Another 30 mins drive will take you to Horsham which is the rural hub for more urban products and services. This is a great entry point to explore Victoria's Wimmera region.

The Grampians is also about an hour drive away if you want to explore some of the great trails and scenery at the northern end of the range. This includes . Mt. Stapylton, the amazing Hollow mountain as well as Mt. Zero.

As this is a casual event there will be no trip leaders and it's up to you to organise either climbing or hiking with people in the group. If you're a climber it's expected that you have your own harness, belay device, helmet and associated gear. If you're experienced you'll be bringing your own rack and ropes. If you don't have anyone to climb with but want to give it a shot I can suggest hiring climbing guides, I can assist with this as I'm a trainee climbing guide, the more people there are who are interested the cheaper it will be to give rock climbing a shot especially if you want to do this safely and with a qualified and experienced climbing guide..

I may organise some preparatory outdoor rock climbs around Melbourne as preparation but the group has typically weekly indoor rock climbing events where you can pickup some experience (and strength) as well as meet the other climbers in the group.

There are also plenty of short and long hikes arounf Arapiles, check out the below links to see what you can do:

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