Mt. Feathertop - Alpine Climbing - Avalanche Ridge - Invite only

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Mountain Explorers - Melbourne
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What we'll do

•********* Update moved back a week due to avalanche danger

What we'll do
Alpine Climbing on Australia's most dramatic peak. The adventure begins by just getting to the start of the climbs. Might require long stretches of icy down climbing and dry tooling amongst the vegetation. "Green tooling?" About 650m+ of elevation gain. 2 tools required.

No recorded winter ascents of Adams rib or Hellfire ridge that I'm aware of and many other minor routes. May be exposed to significant avalanche danger and is very condition dependant. Probably around NZ Alpine grade 2- to 2+ depending on route (7- to 7+ Australian Winter grade) and condition.

We will camp in the vicinity of Federation Hut. Dates may vary so message organiser as the event comes closer

Over 2 days , walk in and out via Bungalow Spur

I may want to extend this over 3 days from Friday to Sunday so stay tuned.

This is a good aerial view of the summit!

Ability to take around 4-6 people depending on experience i.e 1 to 2 independent climbing parties depending on conditions.

This trip will be waitlisted so i can verify experience and suitability of participants. Requires prior alpine experience and independent climbing ability and gear.

Participant Selection Criteria
This is an activity with high objective risks and limited places. As a voluntary organiser I prefer to manage my risks to levels acceptable to me. In order of preference.

Known risk
A) Experienced alpinist/climber who has participated in the training of the mountain skills participants and undertaken other events or development of the group and is a trained climber

Managed risk
B) Mountain Skills participants who have displayed the required competency and skills and are suitable for further development and has undertaken indoor and outdoor climbing trips with the group

Unknown risk
C) Experienced (claimed) alpinist/climber who has not helped in the development of the group, training of group members or undertaken any group activity, aka blow ins. i.e. Unlikely that you'll be accepted.

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