Spion Kopje Ridgeline Ascent and Mt. Nelse Summit - 1200m ascent - Grade 6+

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Mountain Explorers - Melbourne
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Needs a location

What we'll do

Update - This has been moved back to Aug 10 from July 27

There is an easy way (relatively) to do this via falls creek and a hard way to do this.

Guess which way we're doing it!

This will be an ascent to the Bogong High Plains from Bogong Village to Spion Kopje and traversing the ridgeline to Edmondsons Hut grabbing any other peaks that we have the energy for along the way. The hut is located just below Mt. Nelse. I've done this in summer conditions now we will do this in mid winter conditions. In good conditions there will be fine views of Bogong. Once we reach the plateau we will be very exposed to the elements, hopefully conditions will be good.

The trip is very dependant on the weather and we will be very exposed whilst on the high ridges. Updates will be sent on the Tuesday/Wednesday before the activity

This can be classed as an advanced snow hike or basic mountaineering. Crampons and Ice axe are compulsory as well as appropriate boots. Snow shoes are optional but recommended. This is a mid winter alpine event your winter gear must be up to scratch.

This is the equivalent of ascending Mt. Feathertop but with much better views along the way compared to the Bungalow Spur route. There are steep sections near Spion Kopje but once we hit the plateau ridge we'll be OK.

You must have your alpine skills verified to attend this trip namely ice axe, crampon and self arrest.

For beginners you would ideally have completed the introductory snow hikes. Make sure you attend the Winter info session here https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Mountain-Meetup/events/262168880/

If you are interested put yourself on the waitlist. Preference will be given to people who:

Have been on previous winter trips and attended Alpine Skills Introduction to either teach you, refresh or verify your basic alpine skills

Active group members i.e attended training & other events etc.
Are known climbers within the group
Who have ZERO no shows against their name
Who are reliable and not likely to flake at the last moment http://bit.ly/2YyEg10 i.e Reliability factor better than 0.5

If there is any room available I will allow people based on their stated merits or other factors (This is a big risk and unlikely) so please fill out the survey form to ease the decision process. http://bit.ly/2XD2dUS.

I will not be accepting event organisers from other groups on these trips unless I understand how you can contribute to this groups development.

Once you are accepted I will message you banking details. Once you have paid I will put you into the going list.

Cost: $75
Additional personal costs, resort entry, gear hire, food, fuel etc apply. This trip will not be require you to pay resort entry unless we exit at Falls creek.
Cancellation & Refund Policy http://bit.ly/2Wwt7wf

Max participants = around 6 to 8
Min participants = 3 (I will cancel if I don't have this many people going. I will send banking details to people once i have the minimum)

No Show and Flake Policy http://bit.ly/2YyEg10

Conditions of group membership( https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Mountain-Meetup/pages/25795739/Conditions_of_Membership/ )

What to expect( https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Mountain-Meetup/pages/25795767/What_can_I_expect/ )

Waiver of Liability - This will require to be signed to be allowed on the trip

It's a good idea to have some reasonably cheap Ambulance Cover as well( http://www.ambulance.vic.gov.au/membership ) in case of injury