Online April User Group #2: From Paper to Power using Azure Form Recognition

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April SSW User Groups: We're moving online and combining our groups for the foreseeable future - more talks for everyone!

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#2 From Paper to Power using Azure Form Recognition with Jernej (JK) Kavka

Are you still collecting your feedback on paper handouts? Red, yellow, green feedback is faster, but what do you do with that? It's so time-consuming to go through the feedback forms afterwards and maybe you just don’t bother. What if you could collect feedback on a custom form, collate the data and get actionable results before your coffee gets cold?

There are still companies that have paper and JK can help you remove such pain. Join him on a fun example from waiting weeks to get feedback from the user group talks to have the results in less than an hour for each event. You'll see how you can use Form Recognizer to parse the data straight from the paper, what you can and can't do right now, as well as how you can leverage other Cognitive Services to get more details from the user feedback forms!

Jernej (JK) Kavka is the main architect behind SSW's SophieAI where he got to use his current passion for machine learning, and cognitive services.

With around 10 years of experience in software engineering, Jernej has worked on full-stack .NET development, mobile applications, and Microsoft Cognitive Services. He worked for some of Australia's largest corporations, with great customer satisfaction.