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Recent research in Neuroscience provides evidence-based information for WHY toddlers to teens (all students) are struggling in the areas of social, emotional, language, learning and behaviour than ever before. Stress, intensity, and societal based pressures (time, energy, and capacity) are highly prevalent today, especially within families, and parents and caregivers, children and adolescents are feeling it deeply. This MEET-UP is about the exploration, discussion and utilisation of quality tools for YOU (as a parent or caregiver) and your children, or adolescents. TOOLS for mindfulness, deeper states of mindfulness, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and others will be explored and practiced as a community within each meet-up. The following questions will be considered within the group dynamic…. • Do you want a more relaxed home environment? • Would you like the tools to be mindful and relax within yourself, irrelevant to the people or environment around you? • Would you like visits into the community to be relaxed, easy and effortless in nature? • Would you like the tools to shape your child or adolescent’s behaviour with greater ease? • Would you like the tools to support your child to optimise their ‘attention’? • Would you like to support your child or adolescent to increase their communication skills in ALL situations; rather than communicating through their behaviour? • Would you like for your child or adolescent to learn to ‘dance with the system’, instead of the possible ‘fight’ that only increases their emotional dys-regulation in the school or home environments? • Would like the tools to coach your child or adolescent to have greater success or greater (relaxed) empowerment in the school environment? • Would you like to have the tools to coach your child or adolescent to accelerate their social or academic skills? Join us to transform the energy within all aspects of family life for you. Look forward to meeting you all soon!

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