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This is a group for those who have heard of EFT or Tapping, have played around with it, attended classes or workshops and want to pracitse releasing old stuck, subconscious and energetic patterns in a friendly, safe environment with a Globally Recognized EFT Trainer and Practitioner. You will meet likeminded people who are interested in self development, spiritual development and becoming the best version of themselves as possible. These people will become your friends, supporters and help you to achieve what they also want to achieve. Do you want to have better communication skills? Be able to speak publicly without fear? Attract a perfect partner for you? Increase your finances? Release stuck energies and move forward with ease? Feel more joy in everything you do? Have power over phobias or pain? Lose weight? This is the group for you! You will feel cared for, loved and not judged in any way. Isn't it time you faced what you didn't think you could face alone? You're not alone. Come and see why so many have asked me to run these groups on a regular basis. I've been doing this for years and have just decided to create it as a Meetup Group for others to join us. You will also be able to learn how to use Quantum EFT for the Soul and this technique will blow you away! When asking higher self to assist you and getting to past life patterns that still affect you now, Quantum EFT allows you to release these negative patterns and create new, positive ones. You can also access other lives and activate gifts and talents that you have learned before, into this life. This is a very new and cutting edge spiritual energy techique. I'm looking forward to meeting you and assisting you to become all you can be, easier and faster than you ever thought possible. See you soon, Jenny Johnston

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