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From now on, all events that would've been run under the guise of "Melbourne SUP and other things SUPpers like, will be run by the Meet Up group "WEST SIDE BIKE AND BOARD". Request membership with them and find out about the latest board meeting, bike bash or other event of similar interest to WEST SIDE'rs

Altona Beach

1 Millers Road · Melbourne

What we're about

Here at Melbourne SUP we're really into 'participation' as a key element to a satisfying, fun group.

It could be bringing along your own SUP (or skateboard), helping people with the logistics of getting onto the water or adding something unique to the group dynamic (such as) making the rules for SUP Polo, SUP Jousting or SUP head standing for example.

That's why, if you want to become a part of our small but exclusive group of SUPpers, you'll need to pull your weight through the water. That starts by letting me know why I should choose you for SUP life over the many other people trying to come on board.

So please start by filling out the website questionnaire. If you convince me you've got what it takes and are prepared to use it, you'll be part of the fantastic new world of Melbourne SUP (& other stuff SUPpers like)

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