Spiritual Seeking - The ending of “I”

What we'll do

At the core of our everyday life is this “I”, our identity with a past and a future.

This “I” makes us who we are, it’s our own little personal self. But this identity is just a fragment, a bundle of thoughts and memories. Can this core identity, with its past conditioning, with all its fears, desires and suffering come to an end?

When this very core identity dissolves, what remains is infinite immensity which is the doorway to pure awareness.

In this Satsang, we go deeper into what this “I” means, and how this core identity can finally dissolve.

6:00pm - 7:00pm Talks & discussions on "I"
7:00pm - 7:20pm Meditation
7:20pm - 8:00pm Questions & Answers

This will also be a satsang where seekers can meet like minded seekers and inspire & support each other on the path to awakening.

This is a free event.

About me – I devoted 23 years of my life exploring consciousness and enlightenment. I experienced my first spiritual awakening in 2004. For the next few years, I experienced profound states of bliss and peace. Finally, the years of seeking culminated and I finally awoke to the immensity within.

I now share my deep insights to help seekers progress on the path of awakening. My approach is secular, based on personal experience.

You can read about my spiritual journey here- https://innerspiritualawakening.com/