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Spiritual playgroup/satsang hang-out session
Spiritual Playgroup / Satsang meet-up Hosts : Emile & Nadira The purpose of this meet-up is to get together as a spiritual playgroup without any set agenda. We will talk and discuss spiritual topics as well as exchange knowledge, skills, abilities, gifts and healing modalities to help each other unlock our highest potential without the limitations of religion. Our group is very laid back and will have a big emphasis on having fun and enjoying ourselves. Every level of experience is welcomed, whether you are just starting out with spirituality and want to explore more, or you are a veteran and want to share your wisdom with others. Topics include spirituality, starseeds, esotericism, metaphysics, psychic abilities/gifts, mediums, working with energy, working with spiritual guides/beings, healing/energy healing, health, wellbeing, alternative medicine and many others. Whatever comes up during our gatherings. This group is for you if: -You want to explore spirituality in a fun, laid back setting. -You are looking to unlock deeper aspects of yourself. -You are looking to unlock your gifts. -You are looking for your calling/purpose/how to be of service. -You want to reach a higher level of self-awareness and apply it to your everyday life. -You are looking to meet and make friends with other like-minded people. -You want to help anchor the spiritual energies. -You enjoy spiritual discussions. -You want to help others. If you are just looking to get free readings, this is not the group for you. This group is open and accepting of everyone looking to learn or help others, any disrespect will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. What to bring: -A bottle of water -A cushion and optionally a blanket as well to sit on (we will be sitting on the ground). Spares will be provided for those who cannot bring their own). -A coin donation to help cover running costs/snacks/beverages. -Optionally feel free to bring a snack to share as well. Date : 24 August 2018 Time : 7:00-9:00pm ( might stretch to 9:30pm or longer depending) Address: 1 Colonial Close, Wheelers Hill, 3150 Please let us know if you are running/arriving late. Feel free to contact us on[masked] (Emile) or[masked] (Nadira)

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1 Colonial Close, Wheelers Hill, 3150 · Melbourne

What we're about

This Melbourne-based meditation, healing & spiritual-consciousness exchange group is to create awareness, share knowledge in spiritual,esoteric,metaphysical,healing subjects and be actively involved in service of humanity & the environment. We would be connecting, exchanging skills and knowledge with other spiritual-minded meditation & healing practitioners in a friendly, safe & supportive environment. In these meet-ups we will learn how to access our heart's guidance in daily life and find a spiritual solution to every problem. You will learn:

- How to differentiate between heart and brain guidance
- How to find solutions to all problems in our daily life no matter what the problem is.
- Learn how to "Open your Heart" to replace all garbage with Love & Light
- Be more peaceful, calm, loving & compassionate in daily life
- Learn to meditate joyfully without effort
- Learn to see the world and others from your heart rather than your brain
- Understand about your real spiritual journey and why we are here.
- Deepen your meditation and healing abilities
- Learn about different levels of consciousness (brain, soul and spirit)

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