Big Talk: Skipping a Small Talk to Connect

What we'll do

What if, when we interact with others in a learning space, we could skip the small talk, and instead talk about things that really mattered in life? What might happen? How might the experience and impact be different?

Kalina Silverman, a journalist and Fullbright Research Scholar from the USA, created Big Talk with the intention to enhance interpersonal communication and build empathy across boundaries of difference. She travels around the world making videos, delivering lectures, and leading workshops about how people can “make Big Talk,” – at work, with friends and family, with strangers, and even by themselves – to make their everyday lives more purposeful and meaningful.

Join us and Kalina to experience Big Talk and explore together how we might promote deeper connection, empathy and more learning.

Check out the Big Talk website to find out out more about global Big Talk events and the Big Talk card game.


Kalina Silverman
Founder of Big Talk

Kalina started Big Talk as a social experiment and video series while studying broadcast journalism at Northwestern University. Four years later, Big Talk has inspired a TEDx talk, Big Talk events all over the world including Thailand, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Australia, Kazakhstan, the U.S, and a Big Talk card game. Big Talk was also recently awarded a Fulbright research grant for the study “How to use Big Talk to establish empathy across cultures.”